Announcing Bring Birth Home’s Big Push for Midwives

Announcing Bring Birth Home’s Big Push for Midwives

Bring Birth Home is donating 10% of the proceeds of all merchandise sold to the Big Push for Midwives Campaign*

Welcome. My name is Kaitlin Rose. I am the founder of Bring Birth Home.

Since my own successful home birth in February of 2009, I have become passionately consumed with empowering and educating women about the choice to birth at home.

I created Bring Birth Home to inspire women about this option through home birth stories, birth art and to give away as much information about birthing at home as possible. I advocate informed choice.

In December of 2009, I created a Bring Birth Home Facebook page.

Our Facebook page is home to the heart of the Bring Birth Home community. We recently reached over 3,300 fans.

I check in several times per day. Countless meaningful, funny, controversial and educational conversations go on there. I treasure those relationships and the interactions I see.

Watch the video below to hear the story of how one little Bring Birth Home
Facebook status update lead to creating my first line of products and picking
The Big Push for Midwives as the first recipient of donations.

************“Yes! I want to support Bring Birth Home
******************& The Big Push for Midwives.”

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*proceeds donated for a limited time effective Wednesday, July 7- Friday, July 16th