The Manifestation of Birth and a Brand New Woman

13 Comments 28 May 2010

The world is full of people ready to advise us, direct us, persuade us, implore us, analyze us, judge us, and ultimately, confuse the crap out of us.

Wouldn’t you agree?

We make decisions that move our lives in new directions. The instant we make those decisions, our lives change.

There is something I want to say. As a dad here at Bring Birth Home, I have a lot I want to share from the other side of the aisle. Katie likes to call me BBH Dad, but you can just call me Eric.

I know that somewhere in-between the lines of today’s post, there is a lesson about Katie, the home birthing creator of this blog. I bet you can apply it to your life too.

Katie never meant for Bring Birth Home to become what it’s become. She simply wanted to extend her passion for home birth.

Our profound home birth experience led Katie to want to help educate and empower women about their choice to birth at home.

This site started with the hope that more women might discover their options and own their birth experience.

Bring Birth Home is growing into a family business. We love it and we are committed!

But that wasn’t even a twinkle in our eyes until recently.

Once upon a time, it was me who resigned from his 8th grade English teaching job in exchange for two part-time jobs — one of which involved mopping floors on Friday nights.

I did this so I could obsess over all the aspects of blogging, internet marketing and social media in the name of entrepreneurialism.

Empowering and Educating Women About the Choice to Birth at Home

Katie has always been consistent, even-keeled, supportive and at times even sympathetic of my drive and goals.

Barring a few moments that no human is immune, Katie has always remained calm and relaxed. She’s certainly kept a great perspective, and has rolled with the punches.

I, on the other hand, have been the one who’s hunched over the computer, shoulders touching earlobes, eyes blazing. On a mission.

Katie has watched me hunt and peck my way through the process of building an internet business with the stubborn, fool-hardy clumsiness of a gold miner. Quietly looking over my shoulder, she’s panned the nuggets worth learning.

Then one day while stirring a sizzling pan of vegetables, she asked me if the domain Bring Birth Home was available. There is a lot of meaning and metaphor inside that phrase: Bring Birth Home.

Leading up to that moment, Katie had been a very active participant at My Best Birth. That was her place to blog.

So when she created Bring Birth Home with WordPress, she had no intention to blog. At first, it was a gathering of home birth stories on static pages fueled by passionate interest. It still is that. It will always be that (first).

This was early December of 2009.

And literally, in 60 days she was effortlessly expressing her truth in such a way that up until that point, I had only seen it when she was playing the guitar, or nursing Ella Rose.

Katie has an aptitude to shut out the noise. She is able to hear her own quiet internal voice sweetly speak what she recognizes as her own unique individual truths.

I recognized this characteristic before we found out Ella Rose was going to join us.

But I will never forget the moment Katie began to recognize it herself, harness the power of it and trust it. It’s bookmarked in my memory as one of Katie’s greatest moments.

We were just buckling up our seatbelts as the car idled in the cold dark fall evening after watching Suzanne Arms speak about natural childbirth.

Katie said, “I think I want to have a home birth.”

There was something in the way Katie said it that was pure certainty.

This is not hyperbole. It was that statement that gave Katie the courage to live inside out; to truly bring birth home.

It was an unconscious line she drew in the sand, and only once she chose to live that way did everything start to fall in place (health, love, friends, and harmony) synergistically.

When we live our truth we resonate.

Katie resonates.

That was the moment I gained a deeper sense of trust in her instincts. I learned just from the way Katie expressed that one sentence to have faith, and to protect, nurture and zealously guard that purity and resonance.

It all grew out of becoming a mother.

The entire experience leading up to the day of Ella’s birth, and every day since has brought forth a women, a very beautiful women who finds and shares meaning with you here at this blog.

Thank you for being here. I’m going to start blogging here too. That’s how cool this place is. I have grown to almost love it as much as she does.

Please sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already, we have some exciting things coming your way.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Eric, I have listened to you many times as a “Renegade” and very much appreciate your wisdom in that area of my life (still struggling BTW), but when I saw your name on a blog I love I was so excited.

    I am a home birth Mama, birth advocate and married to my business Birth Source Inc. where I share my passion for birth including home birth mothering, breastfeeding and parenting with others each and every day.

    I am very excited to read both yours and Katie’s posts here and am glad to know you. At least here on the web if not face to face :)

    • Eric Walker says:

      Hi Tracey,

      Wow! So cool to have a member of the Renegade Community over here at Bring Birth Home. Thank you for your kind words.

      Do you think that doulas and midwives need the kind of training that shows them how to create their own web presence? Not necessarily the way Renegade does it, but blog-site setup, content creation, Facebook and Twitter integration, etc… Do you see a need for that in the doula and midwife niche? I was thinking yes. One of the ways that I suggested to Katie that we could help doulas and midwives in a BBH brainstorm we had last week. Would love your opinion about that (or anyone else who is reading this).

      Thanks again for your encouragement. I am excited to be blogging here too. I have about two more posts in the queue. Today’s was straight from my heart.

      Have a great weekend.


  2. Rosie says:

    Bravo Eric! As a 50 something year old doula, mom, woman, you have just blessed my socks off! Thank you for your refreshing, honest, transparent love for your wife, your family and your blogging family! There is truth here that, yes, I can apply to my life.
    Laughingly, Your story reminds me of the movie, Julia Julia…except we’re cooking up a happy home birth. The receipe is basic but flexible. And it’s yummy to my tummy!!!

    • Eric Walker says:

      Thank you Rosie. I appreciate that. I saw that movie Julia Julia. That’s the way it works especially when entering into it without a mind for money, but on servant leadership and community. Yeah, cooking up a happy home birth is basic and flexible. Thanks again.

  3. Tia says:

    It’s nice to hear a males voice when it comes to Home birthing. On Mother’s Day my husband and I welcomed our 4th babe, and experienced our first home birth. We have been natural birth enthusiasts from Baby 1, but it wasn’t until all the right factors added up that we considered and pursued a home birth. And we couldn’t be happier we had. The night our baby girl was born my husband gladly stated he was so glad we just gave birth at home and if we are blessed with more children, we will also be giving birth at home. For the first time we felt in control of the birth, and so comfortable in our own space. There is nothing like the feeling of being tucked into your own bed with your own little miracle right next to you. I spent most of the night up staring in awe and amazement at our baby, on cloud 9 about what had just happened! It was so incredible. We’ll cherish these memories forever as the best birth we’ve had. And maybe there will be more in the future! Keep up the good work with the blog, I look forward to reading more!

  4. Laura Keegan says:

    Thank you, Eric for this wonderful post. My favorite excerpt: “That was the moment I gained a deeper sense of trust in her instincts. I learned just from the way Katie expressed that one sentence to have faith, and to protect, nurture and zealously guard that purity and resonance.” You are a listener. Your belief in Kaitlin Rose resonates. The inspiration for that “one sentence,” from Kaitlin, Suzanne Arms speaking about natural childbirth, is a woman so dear to my heart. Suzanne was the courageous one quietly photographing the phenomenon of hospital births in the 70s, to inspire the world to make birth humane. A dear friend of mine was certain she would not be able to “give birth naturally,” yet after viewing my copy of Suzanne Arm’s video Giving Birth, Challenges & Choices, her words were so similar to Kaitlin Rose’s it gives me chills. Suzanne inspires. She reviewed the first draft of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy and gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue the creation of a book. I think she would benefit from your internet savvy. I am going to contact her about you and refer to this post.

    • Eric Walker says:


      Thank you for your kind words.

      Regarding the excerpt you pointed out, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. You’re correct, I am a listener. I have failed in previous relationships because 1) I did not listen to my mate and 2) I did not listen to myself. The beauty about my relationship with Katie is that simply by learning to listen to her, I seem to bring myself closer to myself, and therefore not only trust her (instincts) more, but my own as well. It’s really a cool thing.

      Yes, Suzanne Arms spoke to both of us in such a way that we just knew what she had to say was right for us. But when we got into the car that night, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t share my thoughts. It wasn’t that I was waiting for Katie first either, but it was clear on that ride home that she awakened us both to something powerful. We trusted that. I trusted that Katie trusted that, and we followed though with it — completely.

      Say… I followed the link to your site. You are awesome! You have quite the accomplishments. We would love it if you wanted to offer your knowledge and wisdom here at Bring Birth Home about breastfeeding (and/or other things). Guest blog post?

      Lastly, you mentioned Suzanne being able to benefit from our combined internet savvy. That’s exactly what we hope to do for all the hardworking doulas, midwives, and other practitioners of the sort who make their passion and work natural childbirth and healthy living.

      Thank you for your comment. Hope to talk to you soon.

  5. Eric Walker says:


    I love your comments. So much warmth. Congratulations on your 4th babe, and first at home. This line was my favorite: “For the first time we felt in control of the birth, and so comfortable in our own space. There is nothing like the feeling of being tucked into your own bed with your own little miracle right next to you.”
    I love it! As you continue to reflect. Consider sending us your home birth story. Maybe your husband would consider it too.
    Thank you for your kind words about this blog.

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