Abby Epstein on Bring Birth Home TV TONIGHT!

1 Comment 22 February 2012

I am so (beyond) excited to speak with Abby Epstein on Bring Birth Home TV tonight.

Like get outta town! excited.

Abby is awesome. Seriously – she is someone I admire.

I love the work she has done with Ricki Lake as director of The Business of Being Born. I love Your Best Birth, which the two co-authored, and More Business of Being Born is a great way to pull all the information together missing from their first film.

My fabulous co-host, Gena Kirby and I will be speaking with Abby on Bring Birth Home TV tonight, Wednesday February 22, 2012 at 9:30 PM EST.

Here is the link to our show. Click “Join Event,” create a free account and you can participate live on the show. This means you can both chat with the three of us, and ask Abby questions directly, using the cool “Ask a Question” feature. Neato!

I look forward to seeing you there! 

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  1. Prema Rose says:

    I spent 25 years , on call 24/7, dedicated to bringing babies into this world in consciousness, health, gentleness, and Love. I have retired now and pass this wisdom to you who will bring it to the world. Bless you.

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