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0 Comments 10 June 2010

Two months ago, I began hosting monthly webinar events through Bring Birth Home.

My goal was to provide information to women by interviewing home birth moms and natural birth experts.

I’ve hosted webinar events in the past and like the medium – more than an audio call, you can see my computer screen. I spend a week, (usually longer) researching my guest and creating power point slides for the audience to follow along with as we talk.

At first, I sold tickets to attend the event, trying to cover costs.

There were not many attendees.

I blamed it on being the first presentation. Maybe people didn’t know what a webinar was?

For the second, I tested a different approach and didn’t charge.

Attendance was higher.

However, but I did ask people to pay to access the recording (those who attended got the recording for free). Not many have purchased it. <sigh…>

My gift to you…

While I would (of course) really like to cover the costs of hosting the events, I simply do not feel right about charging for any of it – not the live event itself or the recordings.

So tonight, I’m changing the status of the pages where the webinar recordings are held from password protected to public. Have at ‘em! They’re too valuable not to be put to good use.

Webinar #1: April

Featuring home birth mum Danielle McMahon, author of downloadable ebook, The Home Birth Tool Kit.

Access our hour long conversation: April Webinar Featuring Danielle McMahon

Webinar #2: May

Guest Karen Angstadt of Intentional Birth talks with me about discovering one’s inner intuition to make empowering choices in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. She’s so wise.

Watch and listen here:  May Webinar Featuring Karen Angstadt

Webinar #3: June

How to talk to friends and family about plans to birth at home…coming soon!

Webinar #4: July

Jessica English, CD (DONA), LCCE was our July webinar guest. Jessica is an independent natural childbirth educator and founder of Birth Kalamazoo in Kalamazoo, MI.

Access the recording of our hour long conversation!


One more thing you need to know:

I have been holding the events in the middle of the month on a Saturday night. That is changing. Weekends are too busy to sit for an hour at your computer.

Webinars will now be held on Tuesdays.

The next event will be Tuesday, June 22nd at 7PM EST.

There is no one guest for June, rather, several. This month’s topic is gaining support of family and friends through home birth education. Case studies and resources will be provided.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details, coming soon.

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