Jocelyn’s Home Birth Story

I had been having what I thought was sporadic contractions all day on July 9th, 2009.

But none that convinced me that this would be the day I would meet my second baby.  We were ten days out from our due date, and I fully expected this little one to come late.  I was starting to get a bit frustrated with these contractions, and wished they would decide to do something or go away completely!!! I tried to get things done around the house, but couldn’t seem to muster up enough energy for it.  At that point a nap sounded pretty good.  So at just after 4:00pm I laid down on the couch to snuggle Kailyn, my two year old.

We had just gotten comfortable when another one of those pesky contractions hit.  This one had some power behind it, and as it ended I felt a deep pop.  For a split second I thought “What the heck!”  Then I realized my water had broke.  I immediately called my husband to let me him know. And then called my midwife Margarett, to give her the heads up and told her I would call back when things started moving a bit faster.

Suddenly, I had tons of energy, and started straightening the house. When my husband came in he thought I was crazy and asked if I should really be up moving around.  I said of course, and continued getting stuff done, stopping along the way to breath through contractions.  When  they were about 3-5 minutes apart I called Margarett and she said she would send Anne, my other midwife, right then and soon follow.  By this time the contractions were coming faster and harder.  So I went to our bedroom to lay down.  Leaving Kailyn with her daddy.  (He didn‘t handle the blood of delivery very well at Kailyn‘s birth, so we decided it might be best for him to stay with Kailyn this time around.)

After a particularly hard contraction  I called Anne to let her know they were getting closer together with lots of pressure.

jocelynsister&dadShe said she was coming as fast as she could but was stuck in rush hour traffic, and suggested I get in the tub.  The water helped me relax, and at 6:00pm Anne arrived.  She checked me and I was at 8cm.  By then my contractions really got down to business.  They immediately started strong with barely any time to recover from one before the next one hit.  Anne told me to listen to my body and push if I wanted to.  Sometime during this my friend and photographer, Amber arrived.  I think I managed a smile at her, but was in the zone, concentrating on breathing through each contraction.  Soon Margarett arrived and she , Anne and Amber patiently waited while each contraction brought us closer to meeting my new baby!!!

Suddenly a contraction hit with the most extreme amount of pressure.  And my body knew it was time to push.  Margarett immediately checked to see the progress, and there was my baby’s head!!!  From there they encouraged and cheered me on, but still let my body do the deciding on when to push and for how long.  It was really amazing to see just how well our bodies are made for this and know naturally what to do.

After pushing for a handful of contractions I started to feel a burning sensation, but more at the top, not at the perineum, where expected it.

This made me really struggle with pushing, and at one point I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore.  Margarett prayed that God would give me the strength and courage to get the job done.  That helped, but I still didn’t like pushing since it made everything hurt so much worse.  So Anne told me to use my hands to help with the burning and when I did I touched my baby’s head!!

I had been pushing for just under thirty minutes when Anne told me that if I didn’t get the baby out with the next contraction I would need to get out of the tub and on the birth stool.  I had absolutely no desire to do that, so with the next contraction I pushed for all I was worth, growling “Come on baby get out!“  And was rewarded with the baby’s head popping out.  Margarett told me to hold on while she unwrapped the cord from around the neck.  Then with another small push at 7:28pm the rest of the body followed.

Margarett immediately lifted the little miracle to my chest.  “What is it? What is it?”  I asked, and lifted a tiny little leg to see that I had another precious little girl!!!  I held her tightly to my chest, and looked up to see Burney and Kailyn coming to meet our newest little family member, Jocelyn Renee.

jamieanddaughtersI will never forget the look of wonder and amazement in Kailyn’s eyes as she saw her baby sister for the first time.  As she came up to the tub she gently reached out to “pet” the baby’s head, then turned and touched my cheek.  What a beautiful moment that I will forever cherish.  As I lay back in the tub clutching our fresh from God baby in my arms; I looked up at my husband and little girl and felt more blessed then I could ever deserve!!

After the umbilical cord stopped pulsing, I had the honor of cutting the line that had connected my beautiful new daughter and me for the past nine months.


I was then helped out of the tub and into my bed.  I had just shy of a two degree tear, and while Margarett put stitches in, Burney sat and held his two girls.  Soon after I was snuggled in our big comfy bed with Kailyn on one side, Jocelyn on the other, and Daddy proudly standing beside us.  While the ladies began cleaning up, I called family and friends with the happy news.  Margarett insisted that I eat something, so Kailyn and I shared a peanut butter sandwich right there in bed while Anne checked over and weighed Jocelyn.  She was a perfect 7 lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches.

Margarett and Anne made us prints of the placenta and finished cleaning up. Then made sure we were comfortable and said their goodbyes.  Not much later my mom and dad arrived to meet their newest grandchild and Kailyn took great pride in showing her off!!

After visiting and admiring the new baby, my newly enlarged family snuggled up together in bed where I said a big thank you to Jesus for the incredible gifts he had given me and the wonderful birth experience I had!!

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