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Birth Boot Camp: A Complete Natural Childbirth Program

1 Comment 27 August 2012

Birth Boot Camp is a ten week natural childbirth program, “committed to training couples in natural childbirth through accessible, contemporary education.”

As someone who gave birth naturally, I whole-heartedly believe in our ability to have children without the use of medical intervention or assistance. (Medicine has it’s place – when necessary!) Natural birth is an incredible, confidence-building, sacred experience. I only wish more families had access to the evidence-based information that reveals why natural birth is so favorable both mentally and physically to mother and baby.

So I was more than excited to learn about Birth Boot Camp and it’s wide availability as a course offered both offline and online. When I was presented the opportunity to review this complete natural childbirth program on Bring Birth Home, I happily agreed.

Last week I spoke with Donna Ryan, President and founder of Birth Boot Camp. Listen to our recording below to learn about Donna’s births, how she got started as a natural childbirth educator and what makes Birth Boot Camp unlike any other program on the market for couples planning a natural childbirth. Also, hear Donna explain why her natural birth was so much more fulfilling than her medicated first birth, emotionally and physically, and why she recommends preparing for childbirth before each birth, even if it’s your 4th child!

Click this link to listen to the Birth Boot Camp interview with Donna Ryan

What’s Included in Birth Boot Camp, “Training Couples in Natural Childbirth”

  • 10 weeks of live instruction, or online video classes if a Birth Boot Camp Instructor is not available in your area. All online classes are taught by Donna Ryan which include interviews with past clients, birth stories and relaxation mp3s.
  • The Field Manual. This is a hard-copy guide that accompanies each class, offering homework, a Chow Chart to keep track of meals, and integral information from the beginning of pregnancy through the postpartum time.
  • Breastfeeding DVD, “Meal Ready to Eat,” including 2 discs full of information from the basics, what to eat as a nursing mother, stages of breastfeeding and much more.

This is the first post in a week long series dedicated to reviewing Birth Boot Camp

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