BBH Video Blog #2 – The Breastfeeding Carnival

0 Comments 20 July 2010

The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition has put together an amazing online event leading up to their live event in Salt Lake City, the Breastfeeding Cafe.

For two weeks ahead of time, to gear up for the event, the UBC is hosting an onlineĀ Breastfeeding Carnival. Each day, participants are given a topic, and we write about it at our blogs!

Yesterday was all about Nursing in Public, affectionately called NIP for short.

I was so excited to write my experience with public nursing it was written in my journal a week ago. Posting it, and reading the comments left by visitors was heart warming and rewarding.

Even though the Breastfeeding Carnival has only just begun, I am having a blast! There is a definite feeling of community with the other writers and a sense of how wide our reach is with so many participants.

Read my first post as part of the Breastfeeding Carnival, Breastfeeding Uncovered – A Peaceful Protest

Interested in writing about breastfeeding on your blog? Join the Breastfeeding Carnival. Email for more details.

p.s. You may have noticed the title of this blog says “BBH Video Blog #2.” Curious about video number one? Check out the Bring Birth Home YouTube Channel, BBH Vlog #1 – Green Smoothie!

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