Breastfeeding Came Naturally

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Importance of Breastfeeding: Why is breastfeeding important to you? Why is breastfeeding important to your child? Your family? Your community?

Breastfeeding came naturally to me.

Like home birth, I consider breastfeeding primal, sacred, natural and safe.

To me, there is nothing more natural in the world than allowing our female bodies to do what they are designed to do. And an infant drinking the milk of it’s mother – human and animal alike – is divine!

While pregnant, I planned on nursing.

Not because I had read any specific book or had a special piece of advice. I just knew it was the right thing to do – the healthiest thing to do.

My grandmother nursed her three children, and my mother breastfed me, but only up until the point when she went back to work full time. I was six weeks old. My dad told me she tried to pump and store, but her supply decreased too much to continue. He commented on the different smell my poop took on after switching to formula.

While my fiance and I were already planning on my not returning to work, the knowledge of my mother’s experience intensified my desire to nurse full time and long term.

I tried pumping my breast milk, first with an automatic and then a manual hand pump.

Neither worked that well for me, and not that it really mattered. Ella would not take a bottle. Not ever. She has always despised rubber nipples, no matter which kind I tried. She wouldn’t take pacifiers either, which I’ve always considered awesome.

Giving birth at home provided Ella and I a great strong start to our nursing relationship, as I wrote in yesterday’s post about home birth’s positive affect on breastfeeding.

Our relationship continued to grow as a result of breastfeeding; the bonding that has taken place between our soul-to-soul communication is priceless.

Nursing not only nourishes Ella, it soothes her when she’s upset, and has provided us with some of our first laughs together.

As a stay at home nursing mom, Ella knows I am always here for her in the most intimate of ways. I believe this is building a strong foundation of safety and trust. She is a bright, strong and confident child.

The day she was born, we began breastfeeding.

And that first night, we began bed-sharing, which made night time nursing so easy. When Ella woke, I woke, and as she ate, we both gently fell back to sleep. I never felt exhausted due to lack of sleep.

Although my family never really discussed breastfeeding, (other than asking me if I was planning on nursing and supporting my decision) I think the extent to Ella and I’s breastfeeding relationship has been very beneficial. I take pride in nursing Ella, and hope my younger cousins learn from us.


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  1. Amy says:

    I think it’s easy to be supportive of breastfeeding when it comes easy to you…

    Breastfeeding may be natural, but it sure doesn’t come naturally to many, many women. Home or hospital birth. Trust me, I know.

  2. Kateisfun says:

    you’re so right about how natural it is.. to spontaneously spout milk?! Amazing! I love your writing, KR, keep it up! :-)

  3. bringbirthhome says:

    You’re right Amy, it is. I could have added something like, “I know breastfeeding doesn’t always come easily for others,” or, “while breastfeeding isn’t always relaxing and stress-free,” I chose not to. Why? Because while I know these difficulties exist, the point of this post was so share my experience, unapologetically and without the drama of breastfeeding politics.

    Kate – thanks for stopping by! Glad to see you :)

  4. Nicole says:

    I LOVE your post! My son and myself were manhandled in the hospital following his very pleasant and non-stressful birth (3 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing). They never let me nurse him right after he was born. In fact, they took him to get a bath. A BATH! I had him at 11pm and didn’t get him back until almost 5am. And he wouldn’t latch. The nurses weren’t on the same page and each one told us to do this or do that and tried giving him formula. He latched correctly and the nurse removed him from my breast and said that position wasn’t easy so try another. He wouldn’t. He just gave up. My aunt was an LC and worked with us for days, weeks even. It took 6 solid weeks before he was nursing with no issues and the whole time we co-slept and I wore him in a sling everywhere so he’d be close to my breast at all times. I’m proud to say that he’s almost 1 now and still nursing quite often. He’s never had a drop of formula even though we struggled so much and all shed many tears over it. If it weren’t for my incredibly supportive husband and coming from a large family of breastfeeding, co-sleeping babies, I may not have been able to get through everything. Breastfeeding has enriched my like in ways I never knew possible!

  5. Whitney says:

    Isn’t it wonderful sharing a bed and being able to peacefully fall back asleep with your babe?


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