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24 Comments 10 April 2012

Welcome to the Bring Birth Home resident expert series. This is the second of six guest posts from Mavi Gupta, M.D., C. C.Ht. Board Certified Physician, Headache Specialist and Hypnotherapist & Jeremy Dyen, C.Ht. Certified Hypnotist, professional musician and teaching artist.

Part 1: What Hypnosis Is (And What It Is Not)

Part 3: Hypnobirth Case Study

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What Is Hypnobabies?

Hypnobabies is a childbirth education course using hypnosis.

Hypnobabies was created by Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI, a certified hypnotherapist and childbirth educator. After her own painful childbirth experiences, she sought out and discovered hypnosis. Over time she developed her program, which now includes Gerald Kein’s “painless chilbirth” techniques, among other ideas and concepts.

The goal of Hypnobabies is for expectant mothers to have safe, unmedicated and comfortable births.

Here’s why we think the Hypnobabies home study course for expectant mothers is an effective program

The program helps you feel positive about childbirth by allowing you to create what Tuschhoff calls a “bubble of peace,” in which negative influences about birthing cannot get in. This aspect of Hypnobabies alone is very empowering for those who have experienced anxiety about birthing.

What You Get

You get 12 hypnosis sessions on CDs.

Each session addresses a different aspect of hypnosis for childbirth, and the sessions have a set order to progressively train expectant mothers for a comfortable and joyous birth.

Hypnobabies is comprehensive.

The Hypnobabies workbook is not just about hypnosis, but also includes some information on nutrition, comfort in pregnancy, birth plans, optimal fetal positioning and breastfeeding information.

You can use this course in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It can often be challenging to learn these techniques or to relax in a class setting.

Even if you don’t experience a completely pain-free birth after using Hypnobabies, you may enjoy the benefits of better pregnancy sleep, shorter labor and a more comfortable birth.

Some Highlights Of Hypnobabies

Highlights include learning self-hypnosis, creating hypno-anesthesia and the advanced fear-clearing session.

In learning Self-Hypnosis, you learn how to instantly enter hypnosis on your own.

Creating Hypno-Anesthesia is the session that includes Gerald Kein’s “painless childbirth” in which you learn how to practice “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis,” and move around comfortably and freely during birth.

The Fear-Clearing Session helps release fears and concerns, including past birthing experiences, negative influences and any anxiety about childbirth or parenting.

The Not So Good About Hypnobabies

While we have a lot of great things to say about the Hypnobabies program, there are a few things we would change about it.

The Workbook Needs Some Work

The workbook borders on being unprofessional with the number of *asterisks*, bolds, underlines, ALL CAPS and exclamations! Most of the information is great, but we found it extremely distracting to read something written that way. In addition, the pieces are written by numerous people, some things pulled from here, some from there and lacks a cohesive whole.

Comprehensive Childbirth Course?

Although this is a comprehensive childbirth course, you can find most of the information in the workbook online or in other books about labor. We’re not convinced Hypnobabies’ selling point should be that it is a comprehensive childbirth course. In other words, you might be better off spending less on a hypnobirthing program that is not a full childbirth class, or just purchasing a few of the Hypnobabies CDs.

About The Price Of Hypnobabies

Speaking of price, $147.95 is high.

Isn’t it possible to make it more affordable? Maybe $100 or less? Hypnobabies used to buy back their home study course for about half the price, but that is no longer the case.


Keeping in mind that every hypnotherapist’s approach is different, we sometimes found the inflections and word choices on the recordings to be distracting. We felt that some words were repeated too often, or were over-emphasized. This sometimes broke the hypnotic trance.

We also did not like the background music used in the recordings.

There were moments when the music bordered on ominous (especially at the beginning of each session) especially at a time when we envisioned peace. Plus, on some of the recordings the music would end and then start over again, which was jarring.

Less Is More

We found the Pushing Baby Out and other birthing day sessions unnecessary. Hypnobabies might actually be better off with a few less CDs.

Ideally, if you have already learned self-hypnosis, you may need to listen during birth. It is unlikely that the timing of your birthing waves (contractions) or progression of your labor will be in sync with any recording. And if you do choose to listen to the recordings, it is more comforting to work with recordings that you are already familiar with, rather than a brand new CD.

We believe music provides a much better backdrop during labor and can actually be a great focal point when breathing and visualizing through birthing waves.

Final Thoughts About Hypnobabies

We think it is a little presumptuous for Hypnobabies to say they are the only “Eyes Open” birth hypnosis program.

Hypnobabies does teach this technique in a specific way, using their “lightswitch” and “finger drop” techniques.

But remember:

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go in and out of daily, with our eyes open. This could even be when driving (and often it is!). So an “Eyes Open” technique is a complicated way of pointing out the fact that you can experience hypnosis with your eyes open just as effectively as with your eyes closed. The truth is, once you practice hypnosis regularly, and once you know that you can enter a hypnotic state on your own, you can really use any cue word or “switch” that you decide.

If You’d Like To Continue Learning About Hypnobirthing…

Mavi and Jeremy have recorded a 50 minute informational presentation about hypnobirthing.

In this FREE presentation below, you’ll find out:

  • Detailed and somewhat shocking facts about epidurals and how you can create “natural anesthesia” during birth.
  • Why anxiety about birth has raised C-section rates and how you can avoid them.
  • Unconventional techniques to shorten labor, decrease pain and avoid medical interventions.
  • One easy technique to relax, sleep better and empower you during pregnancy.
  • Motivation tips for positive birth and lifelong health.

Also included is a 40 minute interview with me and Mavi about further advice for expectant mothers who would like to consider hypnobirthing.

We’ll also send you -via email- more information about hypnobirthing including the following:

    • The Science Of Stress: Why It Is Bad For You, Your Baby And Your Birth
    • How To Relax In 5 Minutes With This Specific (and Easy) Breathing Exercise
    • What Induction Can Do To Your Child’s Brain – A new study that reveals the truth about Pitocin and neurological diseases

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24 Comments so far

  1. Kali Bird Isis says:

    I’m interested in being a hypnobirth educator/provider. This program is directed at the mother-to-be. Can you give me some suggestions on where to look for a course that trains in teaching hypno-birthing? Is there a certification process? Thank you!

  2. Mama Kalila says:

    @Kali Bird Isis

    I’m sure there are several places that do this (because there are several diff types or styles of hypno birthing) but specifically on this note, Hypnobabies has one too. This program is not only a self study one, but if you live in an area with certified instructors you can take it as a class as well. The cert program is held once or twice a year and there is more info on their website :-)

  3. Jamie says:

    I am a 2-time Hypnobabies mama, and really appreciate the time the reviewer took to write this post. I would like to share my personal experience using Hypnobabies (first birth in the hospital, second 5 weeks ago at home).
    First off, I love how many tools Hypnobabies provides its students. You learn to use your mental lightswitch, finger drop, cue words such as “peace”, and your birth partner also learns physical and verbal cues to help the mother stay relaxed and calm in hypnosis during her birthing time. There is a lot of practice at home outside of class sessions, as well as a maintenance schedule to keep up when the class series ends so that mother and birth partner are as prepared as they can be. It really is a fabulous way to prepare for a comfortable birthing. I also really learned a lot from the prenatal, baby and postpartum care information that was included in the classes because it really helped me feel empowered in making birth choices and to know what I wanted ahead of time for my birth and baby instead of having to make a ton of decisions in the moment.

    The reviewer mentioned that perhaps there are too many CD tracks, but I love that Hypnobabies provides that much. During both of my babies’ birthing times, I was able to choose what felt best. During my first birth I chose to listen to just the relaxation music CDs while my husband provided verbal and physical hypnotic cues to help me stay relaxed—this resulted in a 7 hour (from a 0 to baby’s arrival) birthing time and an avoided pitocin induction. I believe that it is because of what we had learned that I was able to progress so quickly and comfortably (I also used Hypnobabies’ Come Out Baby track).
    My second birth was also very quick (4 hours), and this time I tried listening to the Easy First Stage track, but found that again I just wanted the relaxation music and my husband’s voice and touch to help me through my birthing time.
    I feel that Hypnobabies provides its students with so many tools because we don’t know what will be most effective for us until we are in the moment and as things progress and change in our birthing time, so will each mama’s needs.
    I highly recommend this program of childbirth education to anyone who wants to feel empowered and peaceful about their baby’s birth and wants a comfortable experience.

  4. Marinda says:

    It was great to read this review, however I found it odd that Hypnobabies was reviewed by a Hypnobirthing practitioner. Seemed biased.
    That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed my Hypnobabies experience. I did a home study option since my husband was busy with school and taking a class wouldn’t work. I was able to compare a non-hypnobabies birth with a hypnobabies birth and the difference was amazing.
    I enjoyed having so many track options, since my birth was long. When I got tired of listening to one track, i moved to another and it kept me deep in hypnosis the entire time.
    You specifically mention the pushing baby our track. This track helped me tremendously. I was a VBAC mom who never got to pushing, so as far as pushing went, i was a first timer. I loved how the track encouraged me to listen to my body. My midwife even commented on how helpful that track would be for a first time mother.
    All in all Hypnobabies was a complete childbirth course. Yes it is true that you could get that same information off line, but I felt Hypnobabies did a great job gathering all the information in one place. That way I was able to AVOID misinformation. It also allowed me to know where to go to research topics further.
    Lastly, you mention hypnobabies not being able to be the only eyes open childbirth hypnosis.
    It is true, we are all in states of Hypnosis several times a day, so yeah, that is “eye open hypnosis” the difference with hypnobabies, is intent. You spend 6+ weeks working with the suggestion that when your eyes are open, you are more and more comfortable. Reaffirming to your subconscious mind that when I am doing hypnobabies hypnosis, I am able to relax and be comfortable with my eyes open. Moving, walking, being in the tub, all those are essential to a great birth experience and helping the baby move down and out. Intent changes everything!

  5. Cassandra says:

    I always enjoy reading Bring Birth Home posts and was very excited to see Hypnobabies, a program near and dear to my heart, being reviewed. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your many readers! I myself used the home study program during pregnancy and during the birth of my first and only son and found it beneficial in so many ways.

    As a mother who experienced perinatal depression during pregnancy I found the positive daily affirmations cd absolutely “mind saving” and used it from 24 weeks on – enjoying every minute of my daily practice. I also had a baby who was persistently breech. The information presented in the workbook helped me make informed decisions for calmly dealing with this. When we finally decided an ECV was in order, the hypnosis skills I had developed allowed me to have a completely comfortable experience (I actually asked my doc when she was going to start because I had my eyes closed and she said “we’re done!”) and my doctor to comment it was the easiest version she had ever done (very experienced ob close to retirement).

    I also found all of the different techniques and cues helpful at different points in my birthing time. The Birthing Day affirmations and Easy First Stage track left me both peaceful and excited and I listened to all my tracks at different points throughout the day. I WAS a bit surprised to find that I most enjoyed the Deepening track which I would have to say was my least favorite during my pregnancy. You just never know what will work best in your birthing time! And I still get a kick out of thinking about my doula saying that my child’s middle name should be “Peace” since I spent so many hours repeating it over and over as I used my hypno-anesthesia. I credit my positive birth experience to the strengths I developed through the Hypnobabies program. I’m going to take all the credit for doing it, but it wouldn’t have been as great without Hypnobabies behind me.

    I just have to add that to this day I still use my hypnosis skills for sleeping and the background music for relaxing. And I’m often heard telling others how my relationship with my son benefits greatly from learning about the “power of language.”

    All of this is my longwinded way of saying that I am so grateful that I invested the time, energy, and yes, money to truly prepare for birth and mothering in this way. I tell everyone I can how wonderful the program is and that if the philosophy resonates with them they should go for it. I think they will be happy they did. Thanks again for bringing the Hypnobabies program to the attention of more families!

  6. Marilyn says:

    Although I usually enjoy your blog, I found it strange and upsetting that you have allowed someone to review Hypnobabies who clearly has her own birth hypnosis program and therefore has an interest in “reviewing” Hypnobabies in a much less than encouraging (seriously incorrect) light. Since the reviewer has not used Hypnobabies techniques herself nor attended a Hypnobabies class and has conveniently left out how powerfully successful Hypnobabies is, she obviously has an agenda she is attempting to fulfill.

    Perhaps it would be better to allow those who have either used Hypnobabies or like myself, attended many Hypnobabies births speak to what exactly is in the program, how it has helped many thousands of women choose natural “normal” birthing, and how it is actually worth many times more than the company is charging for it. I have reviewed many birth programs and women need real, unbiased information from those who have nothing to gain from the review messages.

    I am a doula who has attended over 400 births, 38 of which were “hypno-births”. 24 of those were Hypnobabies births and with the exception of two of them where there were complications, these births were gentle, lovely and many pain-free; therefore empowering beyond words. The confidence that all of my Hypnobabies clients came to know during pregnancy alone was worth the cost of their home course or class, and each birth has seemed more beautiful and easy than the last. I’ve been at many Hypnobabies births where nurses, doctors and midwives would come from all over to see these moms using these techniques and they were stunned. “Never seen anything like it!”

    The very music your reviewer had issues with (considering her husband is a musician trying to sell his own relaxation music this make sense now), as well as the ability to be in deep hypnosis while moving around, walking and talking (The “eyesopen childbirth” that your reviewer misinterpreted) is amazing to watch.
    We’re not talking about a few hypnosis or relaxation techniques here.

    I have gone through the classes with my Hypnobabies clients and practiced the home course with them and the fact that Hypnobabies has so many CDs and script is a blessing and a gift to the mothers who use them. This is a deeper form of hypnosis than the other hypno courses have and it is needed and appreciated by my Hypnobabies moms.

    “Maybe you should just get a few Hypnobabies Cds”..ridiculous. To suggest that even shows that your reviewer doesn’t know anything about this course, what is really in it or why and is providing erroneous information for her own benefit.

    I have seen first hand that Hypnobabies moms are very in touch with their own bodies and are taught to trust them and the power of birth itself, and this is the only course where I’ve seen real satisfaction with natural childbirth shine through every time. No exhaustion from endless, useless movement and the use of *real* hypnosis suggestions for any stage of birthing and even post-partum. Please make sure that your “expert” sources are really helpful from now on. I would hate to think any mom would read the review above and believe any of it. Marilyn

  7. Susan says:

    I used the Hypnobabies home-study course to prepare for my second birth. My first child was born in a hospital, completely naturally, and it was a wonderful birth but very long. I particularly focused on having a fast, easy birth the second time and also visualizing exactly how I wanted things to happen. It was amazing how much happened exactly as I pictured it.

    It is true that many people can find information about natural child birth online now, but it is NOT true that many people have the time or motivation to do so. If we personally ever have another child I would actually like to take the live course (not home study) even though I’ve had two amazing births already. One big reason is that my husband was not that involved with my preparation or the hypnosis cues and I know that with a live course he would be much more involved. Also I can see how much the effects of hypnosis compound with practice so I would make it a priority – taking a class is the best way to commit the time.

    Hypnobabies helped me sleep in my last month of pregnancy when I was really sick with a cold and couldn’t breathe. During my birthing time (labor) I actually was able to lie down and relax for a significant part of it which I didn’t do at all during my first birth. The pictures of me after each birth say it all – after my Hypnobabies birth I look radiant and full of energy.

    Now I am seeing how what Hypnobabies teaches is applicable to so much more than “just” birth. Having positive expectations, knowing what you want, using daily affirmations (I could go on), are all invaluable in creating a joyful fulfilling life.

    I can’t say enough good things about Hypnobabies. It really is a complete program, but unless you experience the whole thing you will not experience all the benefits.


  8. Trisha says:

    As a hypnotherapist I would like to say that I love encouraging my clients to take the Hypnobabies homestudy or full course. To produce the same effect with a client myself (so they could achieve a comfortable birth) would take weeks of sessions and they would be only half as awesome as these scripts are. Hence one of the reasons I promote this program…the amount of CD’s. A Mom preparing for natural childbirth needs to have weeks of hypnotherapy preparation to ensure that whichever hypnotic technique you are using is in their foremost memory; having several scripts helps to add flavour, so they stay interested in the program. Most of my clients are excited to move on to see what is next and what other tool can they add to their toolbox.

    Many of the Mom’s who I recommended the program to were amazed at the amount of prenatal education that Hypnobabies contained. Stating that the other programs they have taken or books they have read never educated them half that much. All found that knowledge was empowering. One Dad who attended classes stated that he liked learning the verbal cues…so he could use the same hypnotic techniques for himself with his broken ribs.

  9. KathyO says:

    After being a doula for 11 years, I began to notice a distinct difference in families birthing in local hospitals. The first time Moms and Dads were calm, peaceful and pleased with their unfolding births…some had headphones, some did not but that had always been true.
    I was stumped-the difference in the families was night and day-what was going on? After the births when I took the birth story at postpartum visits I would ask what they knew.
    They said Hypnobabies.
    All stated they did not discuss before birth because the feedback about hypnosis for birth from friends and family had been so negative they just kept it to themselves. I understood a bit as I had used hypnosis I learned as a child during both of my births-72 hours, both op and awoke from it only to comfortably and easily push. As a doula-no one wanted to hear about unmedicated comfortable prodromal-op birth so I rarely bring it up, personally.
    But I was seeing families walking and eating and drinking openly, again-families said they were empowered by their hypnosis program. I was intrigued and thrilled-after being taught to teach about pain-I was hearing families talk about comfort, I saw comfort and empowerment. I now serve over 50% Hypnobabies births as a doula and about 15% other forms of hypnosis. After almost 900 births-my experience is ….Hypnobabies is lovely and complete.

  10. Kiersten says:

    I have to say that I used the Hypnobabies home study for my 2nd birth and it was amazing! Such a comprehensive program. I have no background in hypnosis so the step by step approach to learning eyes-open hypnosis was invaluable. I had a completely pain-free birthing time. Transition was tough but it was over fast and I had my new baby in my arms. In my opinion I think Hypnobabies could charge much more for the the home study course! It was that “worth it” to me.

    I am also a labor & delivery nurse and I have never seen a childbirth ed program that is so comprehensive in the scope of material presented. All of the information on optimal positioning of your baby is so critical to what type of birth experience you have and I haven’t ever seen it covered in another course. Congrats to Hypnobabies for creating such a wonderful course.

  11. Beck says:

    As an experienced hypno-mom, I took a Hypnobabies class and absolutely loved it! I felt incredibly informed, and found the information in the class to give me great guidance when making choices for myself during, pregnancy, birthing, and after. I found the CD’s helpful and relaxing, as well as very powerful when it came to helping me create and use hypno anesthesia. I highly recommend Hypnobabies for any couple looking to re-program their subconscious to have a better birth! The eyes open childbirth in Hypnobabies isn’t like the light state if hypnosis experienced while driving, it is a very deep state of hypnosis-being able to use hypnoanesthesia with your eyes open. It is amazing how well the techniques in Hypnobabies work when they are used in the way they are intended-as a comprehensive program.

    I had a beautiful, comfortable, drug-free birth using Hypnobabies, and I was augmented with pitocin. I can not say enough good things about it!!!

  12. Susan says:

    I’ve used childbirth hypnosis for all three of my births, and found Hypnobabies to be border on miraculous in the results it gave me. I am an information junkie who has always been fascinated with birth. I had been reading birth books since my first niece was concieved a decade before having my own children. During my first pregnancy, I continued to read everything about birth that I could find. I took a childbirth hypnosis class that said it was also a “complete” childbirth class. Unfortunately, despite that seemingly thorough preparation, I wound up not having even the basic understanding of childbirth that I needed during my birth. I had learned various hypnosis techniques, but I had also been told that relaxation was the key to birth. So I was only able to be in hypnosis while curled up on my side with my eyes closed, which led to additional complications with the baby being unable to move down appropriately. My body needed me to be upright and mobile to follow my natural birthing instincts. I had a far longer, more risky birth than was necessary simply because my preparation and hypnosis skills were lacking.

    During my second pregnancy, I learned Hypnobabies and was shocked to discover how completely uneducated I had been the first time. A full decade of reading childbirth books hadn’t provided me nearly the birth education that the Hypnobabies program did. Is that information available elsewhere? Of course. But the benefit of having a birth expert track it all down from a variety of sources and publish it together in one coherent and comprehensive workbook is priceless. There was so much information in Hypnobabies that would have made my first birth far safer and more comfortable.

    I loved the variety of CDs in Hypnobabies. They proceeded logically through the necessary skills, allowing me to build a toolbox of powerful hypnosis skills that I continue to use regularly for everything from getting to sleep to unmedicated biopsies and dental work. The variety helped me to stay dedicated to my preparation since I never became bored, as I had during my first pregnancy. I am a little surprised to see the suggestion that someone could learn Hypnobabies through “a few of the Hypnobabies CDs”, but I see how someone without an understanding of the program could make that mistake. You see, each CD builds a foundation for the following one, and missing any of them means the skills will not be as plentiful, powerful or complete as they should be to provide the full benefits of Hypnobabies during the birth.

    For me, the proof of Hypnobabies success was in my birth. As with my first birth, I developed complications. Unlike my first birth, I had enough knowledge about birth to understand what my baby and body needed me to do. I also had the ability to use my Hypnobabies skills to avoid the side-lying, eyes closed relaxation that was required for comfort during my first birth. I was able to be just as deeply in hypnosis and comfortable while following my body’s instincts to move freely, communicate my needs to my birthing team and encourage my baby down through my pelvis. I loved hearing the Hypnobabies Birth Guide during my birth. Though I had never listened to it before, it was a wonderful complilation of everything I had learned from the previous scripts. Everything on there was familiar and relaxing, because it was based entirely on what I had spent the last several weeks learning for my birth. In fact, it became a running joke among the midwives and my husband that the Birth Guide CD had eyes, and could see everything that was happening. No matter what was going on, (a cervical exam, water breaking, etc.) that is what was being mentioned on the CD at the time. It happened so often it seemed magical, and provided several good laughs!

    I eventually reached the point of being stalled for a few hours at full dilation without having any urge to push. Changing to the “Pushing” track of the CD encouraged my body to proceed with pushing, and my son was born with only 6 minutes of moderate exertion, over an intact perineum. My birth was so amazing that I got a call from the midwife the next day asking me about it. With over 30 years of birthing experience, she hadn’t seen anything like it, and she continues to tell new clients about Hypnobabies.

    In my experience, childbirth hypnosis is a fantastic choice. But I found out the hard way that if the person teaching (or creating) the hypnosis class does not have an extensive background in childbirth and focuses only on hypnosis skills, there are many unnecessary stumbling blocks that can interfere with birth. I found Hypnobabies to be a wonderful combination of powerful hypnosis skills and equally empowering childbirth information, and it allowed me to have two amazing, unmedicated and totally comfortable births.

  13. Rose says:

    I took Hypnobabies with my second birth and found it amazing. I actually LOVE the music, the moment I hear those first notes, still to this day I become relaxed.
    I had taken another hypnosis for childbirth program with my first and found it seriously lacking. With my second I used the Hypnobabies Home Study and followed the program as directed. My birth was comfortable and I remained relaxed throughout. You can’t just order a few CDs and expect to have a comfortable experience. Hypnosis isn’t about listening to something once… you need to really do the program as directed.
    As for the eyes open part, Hypnobabies is about staying in a deep hypnotic state and able to open your eyes and interact, it’s not the light state of hypnosis people experience while driving or watching TV.

  14. Jamah says:

    I have been a long time reader of this blog and have to admit utter disappointment in this latest post. Although I have never used hypnosis for childbirth and can’t attest to the programs available, I found it completely distasteful for a Hypnobirthing instructor to pick apart another program. Talk about tooting your own horn…I also find it very interesting that she doesn’t believe that Hypnobabies should tout themselves as a comprehensive course. I am finishing up my certification with DONA and they do deem it comprehensive enough for certification of their doulas where as Hypnobirthing is not. Please take better care in choosing experts that are truly knowledgeable about what they are talking about and not just after lining their own pockets and stroking their ego. It was very obvious this was the case here.

  15. Happy Doula says:

    As a doula I have seen first hand the difference that hypnosis for childbirth makes for women during birth. It has been fairly recent that we have had Hypnobabies come into our community. After attending multiple births I can say without reservation that the women that take the Hypnobabies course are well educated, prepared and do beautifully throughout their entire births. In the past I, along with local care providers noticed that those taking other methods would begin to give up on their hypnosis at around transition. When Hypnobabies came into town everyone was skeptical because of what they had seen in the past. I can now report full support from the non believers and am so thankful that we have Hypnobabies in our area.

  16. bringbirthhome says:

    Hey All,

    I would like to address some of you who are disappointed that our experts would write a review about a product when they have a competing product.

    Here goes:

    I stand behind the review. I stand behind Jeremy and Mavi’s expertise. They’re credentialed and have the experience to back up their assertions.

    Here’s the thing… Jeremy and Mavi purchased Hypnobabies; they used the product, invested their time into it, and came to their own conclusions. Then they made every effort to make something better. I applaud them for that.

    I think the content from Jeremy and Mavi in this expert series is stellar, stands on its own, and I’m proud that the platform I’ve created here is attracting professionals of their caliber.

    As always I appreciate your feedback and I’m grateful for your comments.

  17. Jeremy says:

    (This is a joint comment from both Mavi and me)

    First, I want to thank all of you for your passionate poignant and even critical comments. We are very thankful that platforms and online communities such as Bring Birth Home exist to allow for critical discourse and opinion.

    Secondly, please know that our opinions and statements do not intend to represent those of Katilin or Bring Birth Home.

    We urge you to keep in mind that a review is statements of opinion. We are not making any wild claims or stating facts. And we bring those opinions to a place where you all can also be heard (via comments)…to voice your opinions and even to disagree in an open forum.

    Perhaps we can add some clarity to our post here in this comment.
    We are speaking from our own experience and style. What Kaitlin mentions above is true. We used Hypnobabies and found it to be wonderful in many ways. But there were aspects (as mentioned in the post) we thought could be different. We were (and are) passionate about creating an alternative childbirth hypnosis program…to offer additional birth hypnosis options…even a more affordable one.

    One thing that we are passionate about is spreading awareness about these methods and skills, whether it is Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, our program or any other childbirth program that empowers expectant mothers (and fathers). Both Mavi and I would be thrilled to know that someone chose Hypnobabies if it helps them have the positive birth they deserve…If it means one less expectant mother letting fear guide their birthing decisions.

    Ultimately, we’re all on the same side here…All trying to spread awareness to empower expectant parents…to shift the mainstream paradigm of birthing out of a fear-based one and into a loving, positive and healthier one.

    We too appreciate your feedback and are grateful for your comments.

  18. Lesley says:

    As a Certified Hypnotherapist and 2-time Hypnobabies mama, myself I was excited to see a review of Hypnobabies. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized this was not a real review, it was an infomercial for the authors’ hypnobirthing program!!

    When this was pointed out, one of the authors’ wrote “Ultimately, we’re all on the same side here…All trying to spread awareness to empower expectant parents…to shift the mainstream paradigm of birthing out of a fear-based one and into a loving, positive and healthier one.” While I agree with that statement and I believe everyone has the right to their opinions, I don’t agree with posting a biased “review” in attempt to sell your own product – it’s neither ethical nor helpful in promoting wider use of hypnosis for birth.

  19. Jamah says:

    I appreciate the response, but have one more question. How can someone who is not using a program for their own birth claim to have “used the program”? In my opinion the Birth hypnosis programs were made to benefit pregnant women, not the general public wanting to test it out to find flaws.

  20. Jamah says:

    So they used Hypnobabies, had a wonderful pain free birth and then decided they could recreate it in a better way for some profit. Would have been far more tasteful to have reviewed their own program and left it at that. It is obvious we are not going to agree so I am going to respectfully bow out.


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