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Mama Natural ROCKS It on BBH TV! (Video Recording)

No Comments 30 May 2012

Genevieve, founder of Mama Natural, was our special guest on BBH TV tonight, and wow! She’s so awesome!

I’m so glad to have talked with her. She’s doing a great job at getting highly informative messages out there to the natural parent community through her videos.

Watch our video interview below to learn more about Genevieve and Mama Natural.

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Mama Natural Review

1 Comment 06 April 2012

Genevieve aka MamaNatural

I’m a big fan of Mama Natural!

Are you?

Chances are you may have seen one of Mama Natural’s videos making it’s way ’round the web.

Her crazy awesome video, Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say, went viral with well over 450,000 views (the sequel, Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say Part 2, was equally as brilliant).

The woman behind the curtain is Genevieve, woman and mother, new-ager and wellness uplifter.

One thing I love about Genevieve, even more than her tips for getting the stink of out cloth diapers and other natural home remedies, is her uncanny ability to infuse facts with humor.

She does a brilliant job in this hit video, Circumcision Facts & Myths, blending a bit of humor and clearing up a lot of misconceptions about this very personal topic.

The information she provides is unbiased – it’s evidence based and I love that.

One big thing we agree on: natural birth rocks, no matter where it takes place. But Genevieve is also a home birth advocate. Whoo!

We also see eye to eye on good nutrition, breastfeeding, saving the world, and much more.

Learn more about the dynamic duo in this short video Genevieve and her husband Mike, (her husband and “special sauce” behind the MamaNatural website) put together, 10 Facts about Genevieve & Mike.

Then take a gander at MamaNatural’s YouTube channel. Block off a good portion of your day, because I bet you’ll be watching for awhile. Genevieve puts out two videos per week! Here’s the link to her website as well: Mama Natural.

So why I am ranting and raving about MamaNatural?

Because Genevieve will be a guest on Bring Birth Home TV, this  May 30th at 9:30 PM EST.

Save the date!

That special hour long episode is going to rock.

BBH TV will be taking a hiatus until then.

Sad, I know. But I’m working on something BIGGER. It’s taking up all my focus.

To take it’s place, Bring Birth Home will be posting NEW home birth stories every Wednesday night, and adding a new HBAC section to the birth stories pages. Yipee!



Abby Epstein on Bring Birth Home TV TONIGHT!

1 Comment 22 February 2012

I am so (beyond) excited to speak with Abby Epstein on Bring Birth Home TV tonight.

Like get outta town! excited.

Abby is awesome. Seriously – she is someone I admire.

I love the work she has done with Ricki Lake as director of The Business of Being Born. I love Your Best Birth, which the two co-authored, and More Business of Being Born is a great way to pull all the information together missing from their first film.

My fabulous co-host, Gena Kirby and I will be speaking with Abby on Bring Birth Home TV tonight, Wednesday February 22, 2012 at 9:30 PM EST.

Here is the link to our show. Click “Join Event,” create a free account and you can participate live on the show. This means you can both chat with the three of us, and ask Abby questions directly, using the cool “Ask a Question” feature. Neato!

I look forward to seeing you there! 

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Karen Brody, Playwright of BIRTH, Founder of BOLD

1 Comment 13 February 2012

Karen Brody is a writer, activist, mother, founder of BOLD, author and playwright of Birth, a realistic portrayal childbirth.

I have the extreme pleasure of speaking with Karen this Wednesday, February 15th on Bring Birth Home TV at 9:30 PM EST – join the event.

This blog post is dedicate to getting to know Karen; all of her wonderful accomplishments and the work she is doing to support and educate women about childbirth.

Karen’s journey began in 2003.

She began interviewing women to hear their birth stories. So many responses came in, she had two, sometimes three phone interviews per day and still didn’t get to everyone who wanted to share.

Then began the arduous task of selecting stories for her book – only eight of them.

She describes the selection process: “That was the hardest part — choosing only eight. An impossible task. What about women who give birth to stillborn babies at seven months? Birth from a blind woman’s perspective? Women who give birth in prisons? Some birth stories had to be dropped. I chose the most typical ones I heard; the most common themes. Namely: epidurals, cesareans and natural births.”

Karen chose the stories of low-risk, educated women to depict childbirth in the developed world.

Birth the play has been performed around the globe, and translated into several different languages.

“The ‘Vagina Monologues’ of birth.”
- Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

About BOLD

The goal with BOLD is to make maternity care more mother friendly, and to inspire communities to organize local productions of Birth. 

BOLD stands for Born On Labor Day, as the first event kicked off on Labor Day and through the month of September. These days, BOLD is a year long event and has raised over one million dollars for pregnant women, teens, VBAC organizations, doula programs and independent organizations.

Join my fabulous co-host Gena and I this Wednesday on Bring Birth Home TV as we speak with Karen about Birth, BOLD, and the creation of her newest venture, FEAR to FREEDOM, offering birth facilitator certification and childbirth preparation.

Sign up for a Vokle account, (it’s free!) to watch and participate during our Wednesday event, and all other upcoming BBH TV shows!



Bring Birth Home TV | Episode 1: BBH TV is Born

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