September Webinar – A Virtual Home Birth Sharing Circle

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September’s webinar topic is near and dear to the heart of Bring Birth Home – it’s all about sharing successful home birth stories.

Four beautiful women have agreed to join us this evening and share their home birth stories. These stories vary from birth to birth; the women just as unique as their births.

Allow me to introduce our guests:

Kasie MonchakUnassisted Home Birth

Cherylyn DouglasBreech Birth at Home

Elizabeth Belden HandlerHome Birth after Cesarean Section

Chelsie DownsNatural Induction & A Long Labor

Our guests and their stories exemplify how very different each labor and birth can be from the next. I am honored to host this special evening of eclectic women and their powerful home birth stories.

Join us on the webinar this evening at 7:00 PM EST

Click here > register for Bring Birth Home’s September Webinar,
A Virtual Home Birth Sharing Circle

Interested in viewing and listening to other Bring Birth Home webinars?

We’ve been hosting online presentations/interviews since April! Here is a complete list of our monthly webinars. Click on the month to be taken to the webinar recordings.

April Webinar – Danielle McMahon, author of The Home Birth Tool Kit

May Webinar – Karen Angstadt discusses Intentional Birth

*June Webinar – How to Talk to Friends & Family About Home Birth

July Webinar - Jessica English, doula and childbirth educator, founder of Birth Kalamazoo

There was no webinar in the month of August due to my moving into a new home and vacation!

*June webinar recording coming soon!


July Webinar Featuring Jessica , Creator of Birth Kalamazoo

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Bring Birth Home July webinar event features guest Jessica English, CD(DONA), LCCE

I am proud to call Jessica my doula.

We hired her as our doula for my home birth after attending her natural childbirth education class at the Kalamazoo Center for Healing Arts.

As a teacher, Jessica’s gravitational pull is toward natural birth.

As we got to know Jessica, we realized our shared philosophies, we liked her gentle nature and always felt comfortable as the only couple in the class planning a home birth. Jessica herself had given birth at home to her second son. In fact, we hired the same midwife.

Jessica’s role during my labor and  childbirth was irreplaceable. I feel so grateful for her presence and hope to hire her again in the future.

Next Tuesday, Jessica will join me in discussing work as a doula and the creation of Birth Kalamazoo

I know of many doulas who love the work they do so much! But it doesn’t always pay the bills. Some are able to quench their birth love thirst part time,  but must continue working their “real”  j-o-b that they’d rather quit.

Jessica will be sharing her experience turning being a doula and her love for birth into a full time business, and how you could do the same!

About Jessica English

Jessica first got interested in natural birth as a student at Kalamazoo College, where she spent three months of her senior year researching and writing about midwifery. After earning her bachelor’s degree in English from K in 1994, she went on to a career in marketing, public relations and journalism.

Originally certified as a Bradley Method instructor, Jessica found that her philosophies evolved and broadened as she taught and attended births. In 2008, she transferred her affiliation to another organization, and began teaching her independent course, “The Best of Natural Birth.” Jessica is also certified as a doula by DONA International, and she attends many of her students’ births.

Because she is so often with women during birth, Jessica can speak knowledgeably about what to expect with various midwives and doctors. In 2009, she trained with world-renowned doula Penny Simkin to become a DONA birth doula trainer, and she plans to offer her first birth doula workshop in Kalamazoo in early 2010.

In addition to birth work and her role as a mom, Jessica is also a freelance writer and a marketing and public relations consultant. She publishes an e-newsletter about natural birth (subscribe). Her writing has appeared in publications around the region and the state, on topics as diverse as parenting, business and education. Those communication skills inform and enrich her teaching.

Jessica is an active member of La Leche League International, the Kalamazoo County Breastfeeding Coalition, and Natural Families of Kalamazoo, as well as organizer of the annual Kzoo Baby & Family Expo. She has served in leadership roles on the boards of directors of Goodwill Industries, Girl Scouts of Glowing Embers, Professional Women Communicators and the Kalamazoo Area Women’s Festival.

Jessica and her husband Keith have had two natural births. Keith caught their son Aidan at Bronson Hospital in 2003, and their son Quinn at home in 2006. She teaches from the heart—sharing the natural birth techniques that worked for her and that she’s seen work for countless other women. Jessica feels incredibly blessed to help other families bring their babies into the world.

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Missed the webinar or want to watch it again?

Follow this link to be taken to the recording of the Jessica English Webinar


How to Discuss Home Birth with Friends & Family – Announcing Bring Birth Home’s June Webinar

1 Comment 18 June 2010

Have you ever wondered what to say when a friend or family member asks where you’re giving birth?

You’re planning to give birth at home.

The midwife has been hired.

Supplies have been purchased.

And when you’ve been asked where (which hospital) you’re giving birth in, you don’t know how to answer.

Or you don’t want to answer.

If you’re up against a similar situation, this webinar is for you.

Tuesday, June 22nd, (at 7 PM EST) marks Bring Birth Home’s third monthly webinar.

A webinar is just a fancy term for an online meeting and/or web presentation.

It’s pretty neat. You register, click on the “join webinar” link sent to you in an email, and get to not only listen, but watch along too! Super cool screen-sharing technology enables you to see my computer screen. I create a Powerpoint presentation for you to follow along with.

In months past, I have interviewed one accomplished guest.

Tuesday’s webinar will be different.

Rather than speak with just one guest, there are several who have agreed to join the conversation and share their personal stories.

You’ll hear first hand experiences from home birth families – mothers, fathers and grandmothers. Each guest will be sharing their story.

We’ve also brainstormed different scenarios you might run into.

During Tuesday’s webinar, my guests and I will share practical tips, advice and a handy list of resources to use when confronting how to share the news of your impending home birth.

>Register to Attend Tuesday’s Webinar Event!<

Date: Tuesday, June 22nd
Time: 7PM EST


I almost forgot! Interested in the past two webinars?
Let me show you to the archived recordings!

April Webinar Event Featuring Danielle McMahon, author of The Home Birth Tool Kit

May Webinar Event Featuring Karen Angstadt, founder of Intentional Birth, Living Intention Ezine and A Labor of Love Radio Show


Announcing Totally FREE Webinars for Birth Junkies

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Two months ago, I began hosting monthly webinar events through Bring Birth Home.

My goal was to provide information to women by interviewing home birth moms and natural birth experts.

I’ve hosted webinar events in the past and like the medium – more than an audio call, you can see my computer screen. I spend a week, (usually longer) researching my guest and creating power point slides for the audience to follow along with as we talk.

At first, I sold tickets to attend the event, trying to cover costs.

There were not many attendees.

I blamed it on being the first presentation. Maybe people didn’t know what a webinar was?

For the second, I tested a different approach and didn’t charge.

Attendance was higher.

However, but I did ask people to pay to access the recording (those who attended got the recording for free). Not many have purchased it. <sigh…>

My gift to you…

While I would (of course) really like to cover the costs of hosting the events, I simply do not feel right about charging for any of it – not the live event itself or the recordings.

So tonight, I’m changing the status of the pages where the webinar recordings are held from password protected to public. Have at ‘em! They’re too valuable not to be put to good use.

Webinar #1: April

Featuring home birth mum Danielle McMahon, author of downloadable ebook, The Home Birth Tool Kit.

Access our hour long conversation: April Webinar Featuring Danielle McMahon

Webinar #2: May

Guest Karen Angstadt of Intentional Birth talks with me about discovering one’s inner intuition to make empowering choices in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. She’s so wise.

Watch and listen here:  May Webinar Featuring Karen Angstadt

Webinar #3: June

How to talk to friends and family about plans to birth at home…coming soon!

Webinar #4: July

Jessica English, CD (DONA), LCCE was our July webinar guest. Jessica is an independent natural childbirth educator and founder of Birth Kalamazoo in Kalamazoo, MI.

Access the recording of our hour long conversation!


One more thing you need to know:

I have been holding the events in the middle of the month on a Saturday night. That is changing. Weekends are too busy to sit for an hour at your computer.

Webinars will now be held on Tuesdays.

The next event will be Tuesday, June 22nd at 7PM EST.

There is no one guest for June, rather, several. This month’s topic is gaining support of family and friends through home birth education. Case studies and resources will be provided.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details, coming soon.


Live Webinar Event Featuring Karen Angstadt of Intentional Birth on Saturday, May 15th

1 Comment 10 May 2010

Karen Angstadt, creator of Intentional Birth, is Bring Birth Home’s May webinar guest.

Karen Angstadt, Wise Woman and Birth Mentor, has over 10 years of experience teaching women how to uncover, hear and honor their intuition through individual mentoring.

In 2008, Karen began sharing her methods with pregnant women to guide them, through their inner voices, to empowered choices for birth.

As a mother of two, having experienced hospital birth and home birth, Karen understands the concerns women having starting or expanding a family.

Karen is the founder of Intentional Birth, host of A Labor of Love radio show on the VoiceAmerica network, author of the Living Intention e-zine and serves women through individual mentoring, tele-seminars, and home study material.

The core of Karen’s philosophy is the belief that all choices that are born of the heart are ideal and valid for each individual. There are many opinions surrounding pregnancy and birth choices, but there is only one that really matters – yours.

- >> Attend the Webinar Event << -

Saturday, May 15th at 6 PM EST, we will discuss buildling inner-strength and confidence during pregnancy in preparation of childbirth.

Did you miss the first online event? Read  about our first guest and get access to the 60 minute video presentation ~ Danielle McMahon & The Home Birth Tool Kit Webinar Event Recording


Bring Birth Home First Live Webinar Event Recording Now Available!

3 Comments 21 April 2010

Bring Birth Home is Proud to Present the Recording of the First Live Webinar Event Featuring Danielle McMahon.

I could not have asked for a better, more gracious first guest than Danielle McMahon.

We spoke on the webinar for an hour, discussing nutrition, emotional hurdles that come up when planning a home birth and the ins and outs of what the Home Birth Tool Kit entails.

Why You’ll  Want to Listen to & Watch This Webinar

Listening to the recording of the webinar is your way of getting in on a personal conversation between two home birth moms, sharing advice through swapping stories and the slides I prepared.

There is nothing like talking to someone who has experienced first hand what you are interested in part-taking yourself. I learned so much about new ways I could take care of myself and plan for my home birth from Danielle during this call. And now, with this recording, you can too.

“What You Just Said is Exactly Why I Started These Webinars!”

Danielle offers realistic and refreshingly down to earth advice about what it takes to not only plan a home birth, but have a healthy pregnancy.

She is not a doctor, nurse or midwife…Danielle is a home birth mom. She talks about how she came to the decision to birth at home and how the experience compelled her to take on the endeavor of writing a 12 chapter eBook, interviewing 30 home birth moms and midwives alike.

Update: I am no longer charging admission to attend the events.

But I am charging a small fee to access the recordings. Why?

  • Because a GoTo Webinar membership is expensive.
  • My Screencast account, (a top-notch video hosting program) charges me a monthly fee too.

I think hosting these events is important and could will help a lot of women.

Purchase the recording here >> Bring Birth Home Webinar Event.

Once you’re finished paying, check your email. You’ll be sent a passcode to the password protected page where the webinar video is held, which you can watch 1, 10, 30 or as many times as you’d like, forever.

Thank you and enjoy!


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