The Ultimate December Giveaway

76 Comments 12 December 2011

This is a packed-full giveaway for the holidays!

To enter the giveaway, please “like” each participant by clicking their hyperlinked name, then comment below saying you did so and why you want to win! Participant photos are provided below their descriptions.

Good luck everyone!

B.C. Fleecy: B.C. Fleecy is donating one newborn bamboo fitted diaper!

Gracie Jayne Boutique: Win a $15 gift certificate and purchase a beautiful handmade tutu!

Ramblings of a Lovesick Mommy: Take your pick at Melody’s store with a $20 gift certificate!

Mountain Girl Silver: Erika of Mountain Girl Silver has custom made a “home birth” disk necklace AND is adding to that a $25 gift certificate to use toward any piece of jewelry at her store! Amazing!

This giveaway runs from Monday, December 12th – Wednesday, December 14th! We want to get these gifts shipped out to you before the holidays!


Think Big & Start Small | BBH November Giveaway

27 Comments 20 November 2011

The November giveaway features Bring Birth Home logo merchandise.

Do you love Bring Birth Home?

Want to share BBH with the world?

Or maybe you’d love a conversation starter about home birth!

I’m so excited to announce Bring Birth Home logo merchandise is now available through Cafe Press.

Today, I finally set up a store at Cafe Press, and created a series of products stamped with the BBH logo.

In celebration, I’m giving away a $10 gift certificate to one of you lovely fans and a free pair of Joan of Arc quote bracelets!

Use the gift certificate towards any of the products in the new shop! Choose from coffee mugs, buttons, key chains, stickers, magnets, and some really cool totes.

These Joan of Arc quote bracelets, (currently on sale at the BBH Store) read, “I am not afraid,” on one side, and “I was born to do this.” Perfect birth affirmations…and for every day life if you ask me!

Participation required. 

Want to enter the giveaway? Great! Here’s what I’d like you to do.

Step #1: Leave a comment

Question: How are you participating in funding your local economy and/or independent businesses this holiday season? Are there particular small business owners that you are supporting? Who are they and why?

I’d like to hear from those who are removing themselves by making a difference within an arm’s reach – with our families, neighbors and communities.

I love handmade, and to buy for someone I know.

Some of my favorites are:

…just to name a few.

Step #2: Share your small business web address!

Giveaway ends November 25th at midnight. One winner will be chosen at random on Friday, November 26th.

This holiday season, I urge you think big and start small by supporting your own economy, or the personal economy of those you know, like and trust. Buy local and spread the love!

Giveaway, Guest Writers

guest post & a mama bird’s nest giveaway

113 Comments 30 June 2011

guest post by melody

so i am currently typing this post with one hand.
my other arm is full holding my chubby 11 month old while he nurses back to sleep. (so i hope you appreciate the hard work my right hand is doing while typing this post, haha!)

let’s just say my evening unfolded slightly busier than i had originally anticipated, but i guess that’s just what life is like with a toddler and a baby right? i love it. my goal was to have a post up before midnight tonight…so even if that means a short, no-capitalization paragraph, i am stubborn and will get it written!

enough about me…as a celebration for the birth of baby Lucan Fredrick (who was born this morning at home, in water! – more details forthcoming), i would like to have a giveaway for a mama bird’s nest necklace from my etsy shop!

you can enter your name up to 4 times:

1) write a note to kaitlin rose on the BBH facebook wall, letting her know how the BBH community has inspired/helped you. let’s just flood her with encouraging notes.

2) become a “google follower” of my blog at “ramblings of a lovesick mommy”

3) “like” the ramblings of a lovesick mommy facebook page

4) tell us how many baby birds are in your nest!

if you want your name entered all 4 times, make sure to leave a separate comment under this posting for each thing you have done (and just because i like to be specific, here’s an example: comment# 1-”i wrote a note on the bbh fb page” comment #2-”i’m a google follower” comment #3 “liked ROALM fb page” comment #4: “i have 2 precious little birds in my nest!”)

contest will end 3 weeks from today, july 21st.

now as you can imagine, my right hand is indeed quite tired, and my baby boy is quite asleep and my left arm is quite ready to lay him down.

good luck to all who enter, and once again…CONGRATULATIONS KAITLIN!!!

we all in the BBH community appreciate and are so happy for you! HAPPY BABYMOON!

enjoy falling in love with your sweet little Lucan tonight.


Melody blogs at “Ramblings of a Lovesick Mommy,” where she likes to record all of the adventures she has with her little family (which includes her husband and 2 sons, dog, 14 hens, and whatever lizards or frogs her toddler wants to catch that day). Her 2nd son was born at home, and the BBH community played a very encouraging role throughout her pregnancy.


Bring Birth Home Giveaway Featuring Moon Over Maize

89 Comments 24 May 2011

Birth Inspired Necklaces by Moon Over Maize

The Bring Birth Home giveaway for the month of May features three beautiful, handcrafted necklaces by Monica, owner of Moon Over Maize.

I am absolutely delighted to share these birth inspired gems with you! Choose one of the three when you win the May giveaway.

About Monica, aka Moon Over Maize

“My favorite toy is my torch.”

I have always been inspired by colors. When I was young one of my favorite past times was organizing crayons and buttons into different color categories. My work with metal and stones these days still involves a lovely array of colors. Sometimes bold and bright and other times pale and mellow, depending on my mood.

Creating jewelry comes second to raising my two children. My second baby was born at home in July nearly four years ago. I am homeschooling them and love it to no end!

How to enter the giveaway:

1) Go over and “like” Moon Over Maize on Facebook.

2) Leave a comment below telling us which necklace you would choose and why!

Giveaway winner will be announced the morning of Friday,  May 27th

Good luck!


Bring Birth Home Giveaway Featuring Tina Steinberg Designs “Love Touch” Jewelry

38 Comments 19 April 2011

About Tina Steinberg Designs

In 2003 B.J.C. (before jewelry career),
Tina went searching for a mom’s bracelet
for herself….murky territory for someone
who doesn’t wear jewelry. One night about a week into her search, a vision of a bracelet popped up in her dream. Search over.

Self-taught since the morning after that dream, Tina has created a special niche based on an intuitive perception of what her customers covet: simple, yet unordinary personal jewelry. Don’t let the word simple fool you…that which draws your eye is an appeal that comes from unique & understated combinations of materials often centered around her handmade pendants & charms. Good stuff.

What started as an abstract moment in her sleep has flourished into a dynamic artpreneurship that has touched many lives. Tina’s work continues to be dictated by her dreams & serendipitous moments. It is also influenced by her beautiful & patient family, amazing circle of friends & supportive customers. Her personal approach is born from her rich upbringing in a large Mexican-Italian family that instilled the gifts of wicked humor, a strong work ethic & a love of diversity. Priceless.

As a side note, Tina is pretty sure her soul is recycled from some good & noteworthy folks from days long gone…..not sure who, but they insist on jewelry that captures a look from days long gone. Timeless.

Giveaway Details

Receive a $75 gift certificate and free shipping to use towards Love Touch collection. Pieces start at $65 for a mini-charm.

Requirements to enter:

Please “like” Tina Steinberg Designs Facebook page in order to enter the giveaway.

Click the link above to visit Tina’s Facebook page and it will open in a new window. Then come back here and leave a comment below telling us why you want to win this giveaway! The winner will be drawn at random Friday morning, the 22nd by noon EST.

Good luck!


A Precious Welcome Giveaway!

20 Comments 08 April 2011

About A Precious Welcome by owner Emily Webb

A Precious Welcome was started after I honored a friend with an elaborate baby shower.

Many of the guests thought it was the most unique shower they had ever been to.

Family and friends painted onesies for lil’ Isabella, I handmade favors for the guests, and the centerpiece was a 4 foot tall diaper cake. I also created a “shower journal” for all the women to make predictions, wishes, and pass along their knowledge of birth and parenting.

It was an amazing day!

About the same time as the shower, after being inspired by my daughter’s beautiful, natural birth, I realized that I knew NO ONE who had a a natural birth. This revelation was disturbing, seeing as I work in an office where there are generally 3 pregnant women at all times! I heard every horror story there is, and when I started telling my birth story (20 hours of laboring at home, then 2 hours in the hospital before a quick, simple, med-free delivery), they didn’t believed me when I said it wasn’t bad and I would do it again.

I was shocked! I felt birth has been twisted into something scary and now I had personal experience that it doesn’t have to be that way. I started learning more about natural birth and decided I want to help women have positive birth experiences.

I decided I wanted to be a doula. Then I realized I didn’t have the money to pay for the training… Being a social worker may be rewarding, but I’m never gonna get rich doing it. I began A Precious Welcome to fund my training, and hopefully this project will be the first step to a life of watching babies meet their new families!

The other goal of A Precious Welcome is to give babies a special and unique welcome into the world…

and of course to make memories that mama will never forget! Visit us to find diaper cakes, onesie paining kits (for a family project or a whole baby shower), and hand decorated wooden name letters to match baby’s nursery. We have also expanded on diaper cakes to create linen cakes, which are great with cloth diapers, baby layette items, or linens for a bridal shower! Complete a shower with invitations and thank you notes, favors and a shower journal!

The Giveaway

Hand decorated wooden name letters are approx. 3″ tall, hung on shimmering organza ribbon (special requests gladly taken).

Each letter is decorated with high quality scrapbook paper and embellished with beautiful accents to compliment your little one’s room perfectly.

The giveaway is for any name up to 10 letters (if you have first and middle names under 10 letters, that’s fine too!) We need to know the colors and theme of the room, and any special things your little one loves, so we can make them as special as possible!

How to enter:

Why would you like to win this giveaway? Please share in the comments below. The winner will be chosen at random on the morning of Tuesday, April 12th!


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