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{Your Home Birth Quote} Featuring Melody

2 Comments 13 September 2010

“i could literally feel him moving down…something i had never felt during davis’ birth (due to the epidural). i felt so powerful and primal and deeply connected with the millions of women in all the earth’s history who have ever done this…”

This beautiful quote came from our very own guest blogger, Melody Aylestock (read her last guest blog post, “Why I Want to Have a Home Birth,” before reading her home birth story!).

She shares many more precious memories and wonderful mommy wisdom in telling the story of her water birth at home.

Stay tuned for more from Melody, and register to read her blog, Ramblings of a Lovesick Mommy.

Home Birth Quotes

{Your Home Birth Quote} Monday Featuring Jessica

No Comments 12 July 2010

Jessica English is a DONA certified doula and a natural childbirth educator.

Her first birth took place in a hospital. It was natural and smooth – the natural birth one would hope for. However, she sensed the power shift upon arrival.

For Jessica’s second birth, she longed for a care provider who would consider birth as sacred experience.

She found that with her home birth midwife during her second pregnancy.  However, the quick birth did not go quite to plan…

Here is Jessica’s home birth quote:

“I certainly learned to trust my instincts, remembering that point at which my gut told me to insist that the midwife come now, but I squelched it. And my husband learned, too,that you can’t trust a laboring woman to make rational decisions. Ha!”


Read Jessica’s home birth story,
Jessica + Quinn | Quinn’s Speedy Home Birth

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{Your Home Birth Quote} Monday featuring Brittany’s Unassisted Childbirth at Home

1 Comment 28 June 2010

Women give birth most easily in an environment when, where and how they feel most comfortable and safe.

For some women that place is at home, during the night, alone with their significant other.

For others, it’s in a bathtub surrounded by family, a doula and midwife.

This is the reason why I have picked to day’s home birth quote – each woman has a different, beautiful image and opinion of the best birth experience.

Although Brittany’s words may not seem so special, they ring true with powerful and personal wisdom.

“For the majority of my life, I have been a night owl. I enjoy the quiet calm that is night. The world is asleep, and for those few hours, you can pretend all is well. It should be of no surprise to me that the most gratifying experience of my life would take place at night.”

Read Brittany’s Unassisted Childbirth Story
Brittany + Dominick

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{Your Home Birth Quote} Monday!

No Comments 21 June 2010

Mondays are so much better when you read an inspiring home birth quote!

I’m so glad I decided to post these gorgous and empowering quotes on Mondays! Always such a great start to the week.

Today’s quote features a powerful home water birth story.

Dylan decided to fire her ob and move to where she could gain (much) better support from her family and her midwife.

Her first birth didn’t make her feel so strong. So she took back her birth experience and became a powerful mama lion for her second!

Here is her awesome extended home birth quote:

“No bells, no whistles, no pagers, no doctors to page! Instead of feeling like a caged and frightened animal, I felt like a peaceful and powerful mama lion, cozy in her den with all she ever needed in life surrounding her. It was truly beautiful.

I love to share my homebirth experience with other women who may not realize that it is even a real option for them. You don’t have to be a super woman, I’m a real sissy when it comes to pain. I’m being honest when I tell you this was many times less painful than my experience in the hospital, epidural and all!”

Read Dylans’s Water Birth Story:
Dylan + Harvey | Powerful Mama Lion

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{Your Home Birth Quote} Monday

No Comments 14 June 2010

Happy {Your Home Birth Quote} Monday!

Some women give birth under the care of a midwife, and some do not. Free-birthing, otherwise known as UC, (unassisted childbirth) is the ultimate private and intimate birthing adventure.

Today’s quote is from the story of an empowering unassisted childbirth.

“My body and my baby worked as the perfect team and we had a perfect birth. No one shouting, to push, no one making suggestions. It was all me and her. I cannot wait until she is old enough to hear the story of her birth and be empowered.”

Read the full unassisted
home birth story here:

Noel + Estella | The Perfect Team

Home Birth Quotes

It’s {Your Home Birth Quote} Monday!

No Comments 07 June 2010

We crave the moment of our baby’s birth.

We dream about it, plan for it, read about it, talk to women and nearly become  obsessed as the date looms near.

That is what today’s home birth quote is all about – craving the moment of birth. But our author wanted more than simply wanting her baby to join her, Ozzie cherished and savored the very moment when her baby came into the world.

Here is her quote:

“And this is exactly what I was craving. As much as I wanted to meet my baby, I wasn’t interested in just the end result. I wanted something deeper. I wanted the experience of giving birth to my baby. I LOVE that I can just reminisce about it and cry.”

Read Ozzie’s home birth story,
Craving Birth

More from Ozzie…

I was blessed to receive this email from Ozzie, which she wrote as a testimonial to her midwives in gratitude for their presence during her birth.

I will share an excerpt from that letter here.

“Part of me is sad that it’s over. Part of me is amazed. Part of me is thankful that I was able to bring my baby into this world just how I wanted. Part of me is proud. I did it. I went somewhere inside myself that night that sadly, not many women get to go. I can’t believe what an amazing experience it was for Frank and I as well. It was the most intimate, romantic, emotional, DEEP experience we went through together. I always knew he was my rock, but that night he just proved it on an entirely different level.

Being in my home, being surrounded by who I wanted, all the positive, supportive energy that they brought into my home (and all their help), having the lights off, the music, the candles, being able to labor with my husband by my side and not to have interruptions and contraptions surrounding me and attached to me – I would pay a million dollars to do it THAT way.

You guys knew exactly what I needed. Space. Space to be with my husband, to connect with him, to find myself, to feel my body and to let me go through the transformation the way I needed to. THAT is the way it is meant to be. I really feel sorry for women that don’t get to experience it fully. I feel like they are robbed. Robbed of knowing what an incredible amazing body they have, robbed of being able to say, yea I did that! It really is a woman’s war story.”


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