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18 Comments 10 October 2011

While I was pregnant with Ella, I wanted to use cloth diapers but didn’t know where to start (the wonderful community of BBH didn’t exist back then!).

So my mother in law pre-paid three months of a diaper service for a baby shower gift.

I was so grateful!

However, it didn’t take me long to dislike chinese prefolds and the plastic pants. I hated the pins, couldn’t figure out how to use a snappi and they seemed to leak. I was one inexperienced cloth diaperer back then!

Luckily for me, a good friend sent me a box of slightly worn Knicker Nappies.

They looked really convenient, and much cuter! I promptly canceled the diaper service and my MIL used the refund to purchase more all in one cloth diapers.

All in one cloth diapers were my first love.

When Ella grew out of the small size, we bought a hefty supply of Fuzzi Bunz.  I purchased prefolds for inserts, folding them in half, and doubled up at night for more absorbency.

Ella grew in and out of three stages of all in one diapers (sm, med & lg).

Even though I was purchasing seconds, it will still quite an investment. Cloth diapering certainly saves you money in the end, but the big up front cost doesn’t work for everyone. It can be hard to come up with the funds all at once.

For my second child, I decided to look into other cloth diapering options.

Honestly, I just wanted to try something else!

While I loved all in ones most of the time, I thought build-up occurred too often, which caused leaking and they got stinky (yes, I was using the right kind of detergent). If you adore you all in one diapers, here is a great resource for washing/care at Green Mountain Diapers.

This time I used disposables for the first month, then I went back to the standard unbleached chinese prefolds, this time with the Bummis Whisper Wrap (velcro).  The best part is, I got my whole stash – 6 covers and 36 prefolds – free from friends (these things last forever!) Diaper laundry duty runs about every 3 days.

Instead of wrapping the diaper around my baby boy, I tri-fold and lay it down in the cover, folding the top under and sticking the folded section underneath the pocket/lip under the front (photos below). No more pins, no more snappis.

As much as I’m loving my current set up with the prefolds, there is one more kind of diaper that I have to recommend: fitted diapers.

My favorites are made by B.C. Fleecy – a local  mama friend (be sure to “like” her Facebook page). I was fortunate enough to get two of her fitted diapers free of purchase to write a review (I guess you could say this is that review).

Oh boy are they sweet!

I love that they are fabric, and they fit so well under a diaper cover. Not bulky, no leaking, just pure awesome. She doesn’t only make fitted diapers, you can find covers, wet bags, wool soakers and more.

Cloth diapering has been all around easier this time.

I have more experience, patience in replacing what doesn’t work, and have a good system down, (see photos below) which can be key to cloth diapering success.

(bags by B.C. Fleecy)

What has been your cloth diapering experience? Please share what worked for you and what didn’t!

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  1. patricia says:

    I am so glad to hear that u continued and found what worked for you… I have come to find that a lot of people that start with the China cheapies seem to be turned of by it that they dont stick it out to follow on to other options. It’s like they pop the hope and expectations of cloth before people even get a chance to explore the real stuff! So to speak ;)

  2. Rosemarie says:

    I used prefolds and Bummis covers until DD was 5 months old, then went to medium Itti Bitti’s and now she is in larges at 22 months. We use Bambootys at night (we’re in Oz so not sure if Itti’s and Bambootys are available over there?)
    Do you get any leaks putting the prefold under the front of the nappy? My instruction booklet for the Bummis said not to do that, as they can leak. I just folded the prefold into thirds and laid it in the cover.

  3. Joni says:

    I cloth diapered my older kids (who are now 16, 13 and 11) with just prefolds and plastic pants and then wrappis (there were no other options then). When I had my Ella a year ago I thought I’d be going back to work so I did my research and decided on Fuzzi Bunz. I really wanted our childcare provider to not be intimidated by cloth so we went with those. Well as luck would have it I didn’t go back to work after all. Slowly I found myself phasing in prefolds again with bummis or thirsties covers. I bought a few (pricey) imse vimse covers (cotton) and wasn’t super duper impressed. Over time I was fighting the FB stink. Even after stripping (even BOILING) and sunning we still fought odor. I found myself leaning more and more to the prefolds until the fb were just being used if we were out and at night. Then I sold them altogether.

    Now we are expecting another baby. Ella is still in diapers (she’s just barely one) and I wanted a system that would be the same for both babies. I FOUND WOOL. Oh my word. I love wool soakers. I knitted up a few of my own and bought a couple and let me tell you… they are cute. They NEVER SMELL. They only have to be washed every few WEEKS (or if they get poopy). They are cheap. And of course prefolds are CHEAP. So this is our current diapering solution and I’m very happy with it. I’ve never been really trendy and I”m not really as ease person so hybrids like gDiapers and those kind of things don’t appeal to me. I love our wool :)

  4. I started cloth diapering my first child when she was 2 weeks old. Our stash, at first, was mainly prefolds and covers(I love love LOVE Thirsties duo wraps!). When she could fit into the OS pockets we had, then she was in those exclusively(still is, at almost 3). With my second kid, I wanted to cloth diaper from birth and he’s still in prefolds and covers because now I’m finding that I actually like those BETTER than the pockets. Although I like to keep a few pockets handy for outings.

  5. Tarraguña says:

    I too had wanted to get into cloth diapering with our first child. As we had a homebirth I was more focused on preparing for it as we didn’t know anyone who had chosen that birth method. Once our baby came I never got a chance to get any research done.

    Finally after 18 months of doing research hear and there, reading websites, listening to podcasts I decided to try Fuzzi Bunz one size diaper. Today is the 2nd full day of us using them and so far I love them. It has opened up a whole new world of using cloth rather than disposable; feminine pads, toilet paper, nursing pads.

    I love hearing about other people’s processes :)

  6. Jeremy says:

    Have you considered EC (elimination communication)?
    We have been cloth diapering in conjunction with EC with Anjali since she was about 2 wks. Although she’s not diaper-free yet, she has been telling us when she has to poop via sign, and now talking, since about a year old.

    At home we leave her without a diaper on a lot and she is peeing in the potty regularly. Occasionally she misses, or pees a little on the floor before saying “pee!” and then using the potty. She’s about 20 months now.

    Why am I mentioning this?

    We use BumGenius (we used Indian prefolds with different covers until about 7 mos.–I agree, wool is a super-fabric!), and like FuzziBunz, they have their build-up moments.

    EC is not only a great communication “tool,” it helps diapers last longer…less mess in diapers. EC has reduced the number of times we have had to strip our diapers.

    But if you have to strip them (maybe every 4-6 months), try the dawn dishwashing soap method…We have also resorted to bleach on two occasions. Lots of rinse cycles!

  7. I’ve used virtually every single cloth diaper on the market (yes, I have reviewed over 100 diapers in the last 2.5 years for my website)

    I am a pocket lover for days. I use bumGenius 4.0 mostly, or Charlie Banana.

    For nights I am anti- pockets. The Stay dry layer doesn’t let water absorb fast enough, leading to leaks. I used fitteds and covers and never have wet sheets to wake up to. We co-sleep so I like to make sure our diapers work well.

    We do also part-time EC around the house. I like to tell parents EC doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It can be as often or as infrequent as you want.

    For anyone looking to find a diaper a created a pretty handy database- you can search by closure, size, price, etc. The link is Even though it is a “shameless plug” I actually would just like to help those who are new to cloth diapers.

    Cloth diapers and the world it opened up to me is partially responsible for my research into homebirth, and the inevitable homebirth of my second son.

  8. Mara says:

    I used Bummis prefolds and Bummies and Thirsties covers with my daughter from about two weeks old, and I LOVED them. We used BumGenius organic all in ones at night. When she outgrew the prefolds we went through trying some fitteds and some pockets, but nothing fit right and everything leaked, so we increased our stash of BG AIOs. We have three Bummis easy-fits as well. But right now she just uses the BGs. That said, I cannot WAIT to have another baby and go back to the ease and simplicity of prefolds and covers. We do actually fold the prefold around the baby though- and use a snappi- because it lessens the incidence of poop ALL OVER the cover. We did the trifold thing for like a day, and then realized we’d have poop everywhere if we continued that- some of you must have some gentle poopers compared to mine!

  9. Mara says:

    Oh, and we also have a fair stash of Flip inserts and covers. They are great for an older baby. I think they’d be bulky on a little one, but on a toddler, they are super easy and fit as well as any other BG diaper (if BGs fit your kid!).

  10. Thanks for the mentions! I am glad you are shining your beacon of positiveness on Cloth Diapering! Your lovely readers can win a gift certificate to B.C. Fleecy this week by entering HERE:

  11. Amanda says:

    We use Gdiapers, but only cloth inserts. I do the same method you do with the prefold. I fold it in thirds and place inside the gdiaper. I love them because I can get away with using just 2 diapers all day and switching between the two. If he poops I just switch out the snap in liner. I hated the microfiber inserts, they would hardly hold anything. prefolds as inserts are my best friend!

  12. Deb says:

    I use Green Line Diapers on my DS who is 9mths old. They’re very trim, absorb well, easy to use and absolutely stylish! I’ve never tried any other kind of cloth diapers, so I can’t really compare. I’m in love with my GL’s and I don’t feel the need to try anything else. :-)

  13. Deb says:

    Check out: or their facebook page. :)

  14. Mommagina says:

    I am so glad you mentioned B.C. Fleecy! I absolutely love everything she makes. I own covers, fitteds, pockets and wetbags. I only wish she stocked her online store more often ;)

  15. ariel says:

    When my daughter was born we did disposables for the first 10 days while I tried to figure out just taking care of a new born (first baby!). Then we started with green mountain diaper prefolds and bummis and thirsties covers. We did that for 3 months and while I never had any problems with buildup, I had a terrible time with leaks. I think the covers just never really fit her body well- chunky thighs and skinny waist. we would have poosplosions every day and it wasn’t making diapering too fun for me. I didn’t have a lot of options for where I lived. No one I knew did CDs either except one mom who did AIOs but that was too expensive for me to switch to. When baby 3 months old I got green line covers and then quickly got their soakers too. I LOVED them and sold off our prefolds and other covers. NO MORE LEAKS! I was able to get a much better fit. We have one AIO from bonibums and I like it but even though its OS I feel like baby is getting to be too big for it (she is 6 months old but already 23 lbs and 30 inches long).

    I love my green lines, but they are pricey covers. I have 4 cotton ones and 2 fleece lined. I use the cotton ones for day and the fleece ones for night and we do really well. I just prefold the soakers into thirds and lay them in the covers. Much easier than trying to snappy or pin on a prefold with my squirmy baby.

    I have a whole project lined up to try my hand at making my own covers just for fun because I always wished my green lines were a little longer.

  16. Kelly P says:

    We have used FB for 3 kids. The smalls went through 3 kids, about 5 mos each with no stink. The mediums made it through 2 more kids, for a total of 2 yrs, before they died. And a set of larges went through 1 kid for a year before they died (washing every 2 days b/c we had only 12). I have never had problems with odor. Staining yes, but not odor. When they died, the outer lining was so thin they just leaked straight through (you could watch the pee leak through!) I have bought used sets, brand new ones, and they are by far the most durable things. We have always had to double stuff the FB for our kids though with a prefold and the liner, otherwise they only make it like a half hour. I have tried bum genius which didn’t last because the velcro sucked. And my husband hated the covers for kissaluvs.
    Cloth diapering is really pretty easy if you are committed to it! We do diaper laundry every 3 days or so, and have only had a 5 mo break in 6 plus years, we have 3 kids and both work full time. If you don’t want to do a lot of work for cloth diapering, I would say FB.


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