Enter to Win a Green Line Diaper!

197 Comments 17 March 2011

Enter to win a beautiful, hand made cloth diaper from Green Line Diapers!

Located in British Columbia, all Green Line Diapers diapers are sewn by Natasha and her husband in their home. Green Line Diapers are a one sizeĀ fits all diaper, fitting newborn up to 35+lbs with awesome waterproof covers and bamboo soakers.

What You’ll Win

Enter the giveaway and win one free Green Line Diaper, print of your choice PLUS a 20% off gift certificate towards any future Green Line purchase!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling us why you want to with a Green Line Diaper and/or why you love cloth diapers!

Winner of the giveaway will be chosen at random from a hat draw the morning of Friday, March 25th. Good luck!

p.s. Do you cloth diaper your child? Or are you interested in using cloth diapers if pregnant? Check out the Green Line Diaper website for great deals on becoming fully equip with cloth diapers.

Your Comments

197 Comments so far

  1. Ariel says:

    As a soon to be mom I would love to win! I am searching out products that will help me raise and earth friendly baby, and disposable diapers are where its at! As a doula, I love educating families about diapering options, and it would be great to show them a new product that is hand made. How nice to support small parent owned businesses and the environment all in one!

  2. ~Shea~ says:

    I would love to win the GL cloth diaper because…… I have I never used cloth before and would love to start! I was so overwhelmed by the options and choice with my now 14 month old I gave up! The closest place that sells them/ info center is over 2hrs away. We recently found out we are expecting again and I would love to try a good line of cloth diapers and hopefully start converting my son over a 100% to cloth and start a stash for our new blessing :) not to mention it’s will save $, Eco friendly, and saves our little ones from harsh chemicals (dioxin)! So please consider me!!!!! Blessings……

  3. Lauren says:

    I LOVE all cloth diapers, but Greenline are my favroties, I have been letting EVERYONE knw how great they are and I would love to win one for my stash!!

  4. Kailah says:

    These are so cute! I’d love to try out their diapers and I’m seriously thinking of getting some of their Mama Cloth so that 20% off would be awesome!

  5. Nedda says:

    These dipes are adorable and the testimonials are great. Can’t wait to try them! Cloth diapering is the way to go, better for baby, wallet, and environment. :)

  6. tiffany wood says:

    i have never used a cloth diaper and was never interested until i read a blog about cloth diapering and knowing what is on your childs bottom all day… that blogger is right, id rather know what is up against my daughters bum and privates for all this time then have to wonder what “make(s) modern disposable diapers freakishly absorbent.” Id love to try your diapers out! They are super cute and could definitely see my daughter wearing them! thanks

  7. Cloth diapering is so much more economical; no toxins to harm my baby; plus they look wonderful hanging on the clothesline, blowing in the breeze :) . I would like to have a few all-in-ones for times away from home.

  8. Suzi says:

    I LOVE the prints!!! I am very much obsessed with cloth diapers, especially finding cute handmade ones! I love helping the environment and the fact that all of my diapers are super soft and super cute!!

  9. Katie K says:

    I want to win a Greenline diaper because I’ve been dying to try one out! Love the toggle leg idea!

  10. Rebecca says:

    I am expecting our 6th. I am switching over to cloth diapers. I wish I had done it earlier! So much money wasted :-(

    I really like the one size diaper concept.

  11. Mom of Many says:

    I would love to win one! I recently started cloth diapering a few months ago and it is one of the best money saving decisions I have ever made!!!

  12. Danielle Bramhall says:

    I’m all about hand me downs and doing the planet a favor, but my son isn’t the first, or the second or even the third kid to be in these old cloth diapers. I’d love to win him just one new one for his little tush plus I love the closure system on these Green Line Diapers, no more snappies popping off at just the wrong time!

  13. Leah says:

    We are expecting our first in a few months and we plan to cloth diaper! I just started collecting a few and am always looking new ones to try! I like handmade and these look like cute diapers!

  14. michelle says:

    im young ans expecting my first baby. i would love these diapers because everyone i know is extremely happy with them and doesnt have anything but good things to say. i love clothe diapering because we should never use anything on our babies but the best and the most healthy. i want my little one to be soft and comfy just like we always want to be :)

  15. Laura says:

    I love cloth diapers because I know they are best for my babies AND they are adorable!

  16. Elina says:

    We’ve been cloth diapering our son since he was 6 days old and loved it ever since! Since my husband is a full-time student and only works part-time and I am a STHM we’re on a budget.. I’ve only been able to buy our son used cloth diapers and this would be a real treat! (And I love owls!!)

  17. Cathie says:

    I want a Green Line diaper because the drawstring legs look super cool!

  18. Rebecca says:

    I am looking to buy some new cloth diapers and have no idea what to get! Would love to try these!

  19. Beth Scoggin says:

    I would love to win because I have heard soooo many good things about these diapers but haven’t had a chance to try one myself. I’ve also seen so many action shots and she has SUCH cute prints!!!

  20. Hillary Westbrook says:

    I’d love to win this to add to my stash! The way you size their diapers is such a great idea!

    I cloth diaper because it’s healthier for baby’s bottom and the environment! :) And of course adorable!

  21. Vanessa says:

    My 22-month old is has always been cloth diapered and we LOVE it! I’m 36+wks pregnant now and am looking for some more dipes to add to my collection!

  22. cheryl baker says:

    I would love to win a cloth diaper!!! I dont own any and want to begin my collection!!

  23. I would love to win this diaper! I have a wrap in this same print! I love cloth because they are so cute and save money!

  24. Suvannah says:

    I am pregnant with DD #2 and due in June. I am needing to build up my cloth diaper stash.( We only CDed DD1 part time) And If I could have diapers made in BC that would be outstanding!!! :)

  25. Amanada B says:

    I would love a Green Line Diaper because I am always looking for Handmade unique diapers for my son. They are enviromentally friendly. Let’s face it too…Who doesn’t want their baby to have the cutest bum on the block :)

  26. Rebecca says:

    Oh my goodness, cloth diapers would be fantastic! I have THREE kids in diapers and one that still needs a pull up at night. I have been trying my hand at making my own, but so far… it’s just been no good. Cloth diapers would be superb because I would be saving tons of money and everytime I have to throw a diaper away, I think of landfills full of disposable diapers… Yuck! Dear Cloth Diaper Fairy, can you PULLEASE visit MY house? You would have my most sincere and deepest respect for your entire life!

  27. Nicole says:

    I use cloth diapers because its easy, good for Mamma Earth, and soft on my babies bum! :) btw, that owl pattern diaper is soooooo cute! :)

  28. Jen says:

    I’m trying to convince my husband how wonderful cloth is!

  29. Tara says:

    I would love to win a new nappy from Green Line, its so cute! I’ve used cloth nappies since my firstborn even though everyone told me I was crazy. Its fun to see how many people are converts these days. My friend and I ordered MCNs in from NZ before they were available in Oz. These days I’m stoked to see how far nappy world has evolved here, but I can’t really justify purchasing them since I still have a functional set from the old days. Would love to win one so I can join in the funky vibes.

  30. April says:

    I would love to win this diaper! IT is so adorable! We are expecting our 4th and are beginning our cloth diaper journey..

  31. Becky Hensley says:

    I’d love to win a cloth diaper from Green Line Diaper, because I just started cloth diapering my two week old son yesterday and would love to add to my stash. Also, I like the idea of trying out products made by WAHM/Ds. :)

  32. Brittany Blankenship says:

    I’ve been DYING to try these! My 4 week old has teeny chicken legs (as did my other children at her age)…. To have a diaper or even a cover that fits her legs would be amazing! Especially since it would fit her when she chunks up like the others did!

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m a big fan <3

  33. Mandie Kellerman says:

    I am a fluffy mail junky and would love the opportunity to Ty out a new style!!!

  34. Jenni says:

    I would love one of Green Line diapers, I have never had the chance to cloth diaper and I am really hoping that as soon as little boy #3 decides to make his appearance that not only will I get the chance to use cloth for the first time, but that I will also enjoy the experience and have much less diaper rash than my first two boys had to go through!! I love the looks of Green Line diapers, especially the cute owl one. Thank you for doing this! :)

  35. Rebekah says:

    These are the diapers I want to use for our baby expected in 4 months. Not only would a free diaper be a great start, but 20% off would ROCK!

  36. Aimee Cowan says:

    I would love to try out these diapers! And that owl print is adorable! I am expecting our first in May and I’m building up my stash and can’t wait to put my little one in cloth!

  37. Tami says:

    Cloth diapers are the best because they save you (a ton) of money and they are more comfy for baby… Just to name a couple. :)

  38. sarah says:

    I would love to win because I am expecting my 3rd child and finally want to cloth! Its better for my baby, my wallet and the environment! Plus the prints are SO adorable! Please pick me, this would mean a lot to me! And the 20% off would REALLY help me, as we are on a tight budget!

  39. Marissa Connauton says:

    I would have been pondering trying these diapers for a while and this is a great opportunity to start! I love cloth because it is easy, environmentally friendly and not to mention cute as heck! It would also be awesome to get a locally made diaper for I also reside in British Columbia! :)

  40. MIchelle says:

    I am going to have a baby in 4 1/2 months and would to try cloth diapers.

  41. Nicole C says:

    I love the use of cloth diapers because they are economical and so much more comfy for Baby Girl. Plus the added financial benefits are just too good to pass up! Green Line Diapers are super adorable and I’d love to give them a try!!

  42. Molly says:

    I would lvoe to win! i’ve cloth diapered 2 babies so far and since almost all of them were used the first time around my cloth is looking a little sad. a Fresh new diaper would be awesome.

  43. Heidi says:

    I love them because it saves me money, time, energy and the environment!! Plus, who can resist a fluffy bum? <3

  44. Bri Sherman says:

    I’ve always loved the idea of cloth diapers, and ALWAYS wanted to try them. It fits with our life style better- we have just never been given the oppertunity (nor funding) for them.

  45. jessica Fultz says:

    our next child will be using cloth. It makes sense to me and I wish more people did it. Thinking of the diapers piling up in the landfill makes me sick.i love cloth because they are better for the baby and the environment! :)

  46. Rachel says:

    I’m having a home birth with twins in August and I’m planning to cloth diaper!! These will be our first babies. I’m SO excited to cloth diaper and I already have a few different types, but we haven’t collected even half of what we’ll need yet!


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