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27 Comments 20 November 2011

The November giveaway features Bring Birth Home logo merchandise.

Do you love Bring Birth Home?

Want to share BBH with the world?

Or maybe you’d love a conversation starter about home birth!

I’m so excited to announce Bring Birth Home logo merchandise is now available through Cafe Press.

Today, I finally set up a store at Cafe Press, and created a series of products stamped with the BBH logo.

In celebration, I’m giving away a $10 gift certificate to one of you lovely fans and a free pair of Joan of Arc quote bracelets!

Use the gift certificate towards any of the products in the new shop! Choose from coffee mugs, buttons, key chains, stickers, magnets, and some really cool totes.

These Joan of Arc quote bracelets, (currently on sale at the BBH Store) read, “I am not afraid,” on one side, and “I was born to do this.” Perfect birth affirmations…and for every day life if you ask me!

Participation required. 

Want to enter the giveaway? Great! Here’s what I’d like you to do.

Step #1: Leave a comment

Question: How are you participating in funding your local economy and/or independent businesses this holiday season? Are there particular small business owners that you are supporting? Who are they and why?

I’d like to hear from those who are removing themselves by making a difference within an arm’s reach – with our families, neighbors and communities.

I love handmade, and to buy for someone I know.

Some of my favorites are:

…just to name a few.

Step #2: Share your small business web address!

Giveaway ends November 25th at midnight. One winner will be chosen at random on Friday, November 26th.

This holiday season, I urge you think big and start small by supporting your own economy, or the personal economy of those you know, like and trust. Buy local and spread the love!

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  1. Jen says:

    We’re definitely cutting back a lot this holiday season – making lots of good food and spending time with family instead of lots of gifts. I’m also planning on buying the gifts I do get from my local midwife-owned environmentally-minded shop!

  2. Jen says:

    I should add their website!

  3. Erin Sanderson says:

    I am buying several Christmas gifts from a local artist who paints on vinyl. I usually order personalized items from her every year for Christmas, and she does a fabulous job. I also am buying a ton of cloth diapers for pregnant friends and myself through a work at home momma I know that sells on etsy. We also do a lot of homemade gifts with supplies bought from the local farmers market. :) We always try to buy locally whenever its possible.

  4. Molly L says:

    Christmas craft markets, my own handmade and the local waldorf toy store. :)

  5. Emily Webb says:

    I am removing myself from the crazy commercialism this year by making every single gift myself… so exciting! I have an online shop for baby gifts… which will also have an entire line of herbal skin and baby care products coming this week (this Small Business Saturday is the day the update comes)! Check out A Precious Welcome’s Facebook page for sneak preview posts about my new products!

    This year I am thankful for people who care and support small local businesses. I and other local artists/business owners would be nothing without you all! LOVE, LOVE and THANK YOU!

  6. Mary says:

    Metalicious is small business that I am supporting and asking others to support. Metalicious is Stephanie Maslow – mama to two young boys. She is a childhood friend who turned her artistic vision into a way to be home for her children, while nurturing her own creative spark and helping others to feel beautiful about themselves.

    One thing in particular I love about Stephanie is how motherhood didn’t come easily to her – but she rocked it anyway. She struggles through adversity with a huge sense of humor (this woman had major back surgery shortly after birthing her second son) and honestly shares who she is in her work.

  7. Elizabeth Gootee says:

    We just moved to a new state a few weeks ago so I don’t know many local shops near here yet. So for family all around the country, I’m looking up restaurants that are local to them that use fresh local organic produce and buying gift certificates so they can try a new experience with a local small business. I also support small businesses like Saint Herman Press, a small publisher, by buying books online as gifts. I purchase local handmade soaps from monasteries for stocking stuffers. But with 5 kids the best gifts for extended family are handmade by them or pictures of them.

  8. Tina says:

    I do my best to buy from the local stores that are the itty bitty stores so they at least have a snowball’s chance in hell of staying afloat when trying to compete with WalMart and other big box stores. I also patronize a local cloth diaper maker “Eggheads” she does _FABULOUS_ work! And she’s fast and has trouble keeping the store “Birth, Baby, and Beyond” in stock of her super cute diapers!

  9. magreen says:

    My family is part of a brand new cooperative preschool in our community with just 4 children enrolled so far. My (yes brilliant! ;-) fund raising idea was to have a local artisan fair for the holidays! I’m also keeping it simple this holiday time. Very excited to be doing business with this awesome lady

    She makes really neat pictures of spelled out words, using letters found naturally in unusual places. Her prices are super reasonable and she will work with you on design. So we are adding in our family head shots. Grandparents and extended family is all getting one!

  10. Danielle says:

    My favourite way of supporting local business comes in the form of these two shops:

    The first is a dog and cat supply store. They even sell locally made dog cannoli! The second is our cloth diaper and natural baby care store in town. They are awesome!

  11. Cecelia says:

    I support Pinwheel Kids local to Waco, TX.Rachael and her co-owner are the best. Always willing to help, very friendly and the products are unbeatable. They offer free crafts for kids several times a week and free classes for adults too. Carseat saftey, cloth diapering, and baby wearing are just a few.

  12. jshira says:

    I will be shopping at our local artisan fair, and I make it a priority to support local businesses when possible.

    Ladies – if anyone you mention has a website or Etsy site, please post it! I’d love to know where to buy things online from people you know. One post here mentioned cloth diapers on Etsy and I’d like to know where to get them. Thanks! :)

  13. Jillian says:

    We just purchased a birth tub from a small business and I am now referring my Bradley students to them for home birth items. We also have doing all of our clothes shopping at Savers, the proceeds go to the local Big Brothers Big Sisters. Our local food bank is also in the middle of a crisis and isn’t able to hand out food boxes for thanksgiving this year. So I cleaned out our pantry and have a box to take down to them today.

  14. Kaire Downin says:

    I buy most of my gifts from the local art guild who gets a store front downtown just for the holidays. I bring my kids there to pick out gifts for others. I use other downtown shops as well and stay out of big box stores and consciously look for things that are made in the USA. I also make many of my own gifts using local materials, like alpaca wool grown from a local farmer. Live local, shop local, eat local as much as possible!

  15. Kailah says:

    I am planning on buying most of my gifts from an awesome store called Yobel Market- – Most of their products are made by, and all their proceeds go to helping women in other countries get out of human trafficking and other bad situations. Other gifts will be bought at local, independent shops. I really want to buy gifts that make a difference this year.

  16. Erica Lea says:

    I would be ELATED if I won this giveaway!! I’m unfortunate in that we do not have crafty/artsy/local mom and pop stores around where I live… So this year, I’m buying quality handmade jewelry and scarves for my loved ones on Etsy… some through Moon over Maize, and Sunny Skies Studios. I also found a handmade chalice for my sister at Danus Treasure Trove!! <3 Can't wait for the holidays! Charli's will get to help us light the menorah this Channuka and celebrate Yule with me and my sister!!

  17. Amy TV says:

    We love the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center. This year we are going to purchase gifts from their great boutique,Womb to Grow, and the delish vegan Grateful Grahams that a local mama makes and sells there. We are also making our Christmas cards (so cute my 4 month old sons footprint made into a snowman)!

  18. Lyndsay says:

    We decided to do mostly gift cards this year (except for children) because we’re expecting a baby on Dec 28th. I figure if we have the baby or I’m in labor (having a home birth btw!!) during the holiday gatherings, it would be easier to send gift cards in the mail. We are getting all gift cards from local businesses like salons, food stores, dinner theater, wineries, toy stores etc… so we can support local economy. Also we found a great local artist that makes children’s stamped name necklaces that we bought for our babysitter’s girls. It will be a simple but wonderful holiday this year!

  19. NeKisha Rowe says:

    We are like most people. We are not buying much this year at all. You could say that I am simply not supporting the big box stores, and yet neither am I helping to fund the local economy. Many of our gifts are second hand for the children from places like Goodwill. I will be making some things for them with fabric I was given. If anything, I will be purchasing some of our food items at a local grocery.

  20. Amy Wakeman says:

    I am so over all the talk about “Black Friday” and the emphasis on consumerism and consumption. So, I resolve to spend less at big box stores and big chains and more at locally-owned and operated businesses, to buy more handmade and homemade, and to make more myself! One store we really like here in Cincinnati, Ohio, is Park + Vine, a “green general store” that specializes in sustainable and earth (and life) friendly products, including cloth diapers and slings. We also like Fabricate, which sells only locally-made, handmade arts and crafts, and is located in Northside, a rocking’ Cincinnati neighborhood.

  21. Kimberly says:

    I’m actually making a lot of my Christmas presents this year, so I’ve been doing a TON of shopping on etsy! I wish I could support local businesses more, but we live in Hawaii where the local businesses aren’t so local regardless. :/ But I’m supporting small home run businesses, which I think is awesome.

  22. Vanessa says:

    What a wonderful give away from an amazing site! Love love love you all! I am def supporting my local friend, lactation consultant and business owner this season. Her shop Vesta here in St.Thomas on is by far my favourite place to shop and spend time with wonderful women and friends!!

  23. Samantha says:

    We always support local and shop at the family owned stores we love. We love The Diapering Doula in Morrisville. It is run by a good friend and the store sells cloth diapers and natural notions for mamma and baby. The store is W.H.O. compliant and certified by PETA. The outreach there is amazing and has become a beacon to women in the community.

  24. stacy says:

    we like The Red Hen so much! it’s a mama owned consignment shop with tons of stuff like cloth diapers and great maternity clothes. she also features other small businesses. I feel great about shopping there.

  25. Fiona says:

    Getting gifts from Willa Grant, a local up & coming artist that I love!

  26. Antonette says:

    This year I am buying all my supplies for christmas crafts local. Two Rivers yarn store has supplied me with everything i need for elf hats, socks, scarfs and fingerless gloves. Dancing Bear Toys in frederick, MD is where I get my local, natural, eco friendly toys for my children. We live in Harpers Ferry, WV and have a wonderful selection of shops in our historic area. i have already snagged a few fair trade gifts from Ten Fold.

  27. Antonette says:

    the website for Ten Fold is They sell many Ten thousand joys items


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