Kathryn Beck Biography

Meet Bring Birth Home Guest Blogger, Kathryn Beck.

Kathryn is a Certified Hypnotist, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Fertility Consultant, and Reiki Master Teacher.

When I became a Hypnotist five years ago in New York City, I had no idea I would end up so immersed
in the birthing world.

During my hypnosis training, I was given a video to take home and watch on HypnoBirthing–The Mongan Method, and told that it was an option of something to learn down the road. I watched the video without much interest at first, but then realized that the program was simply amazing! I had never heard about HypnoBirthing before and was surprised to learn that women could have babies while being so comfortable and in control.

After I became a Hypnotist, I went on to do my HypnoBirthing training and became certified as a childbirth educator through the
HypnoBirthing Institute (www.hypnobirthing.com). The training course changed my life!

Going in to the training, I had sworn to my husband that I would never have children. I was too afraid to be pregnant or to give birth.
After doing the training, I had an entirely different point of view. On the last day of training, I came home to my husband and told him
that I now wanted children, at least two, and wanted to also have my babies at home with a midwife and a doula, all the while doing HypnoBirthing. He was stunned to say the least. The classes had helped me to overcome my fear of birth in a way I never thought possible.

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing classes for four years now.

My passion is helping women learn to overcome their fears around pregnancy and childbirth, and to have the most comfortable and
natural birth experience possible. I worked in New York City for five years, and then my husband and I moved to France for nine months
while he worked on his dissertation.

Now we are back in our home state of Indiana. Currently, Indiana has very strict hypnosis laws that prevent me from practicing hypnosis. Thankfully, come July 1st, those laws are being repealed and I will be able to open up my business.

While being on hiatus for the past year, I have been adding new skills to my toolbox by getting my childbirth education and breastfeeding consultant certification through Childbirth International (CBI).

My belief is that every couple should have access to a childbirth series that provides accurate information for their situation.

Unable to teach HypnoBithing yet, I decided that I would create a childbirth series that was unique to my community.

I began to create a home birth childbirth series, since there is not one offered. I feel that home birthing is an option that more women need
to learn about, and those who have chosen to do a home birth need a childbirth class series that is tailored to their particular needs. Many childbirth classes in the area are great, but very much geared towards those wanting to give birth in a hospital.

A local home birth midwife told me that many of her home birth couples choose not to take childbirth classes.

That is something I want to change. If a couple chooses to do a home birth, then they should be provided with a class on having the
best home birth possible.

I look forward to being a guest blogger and writing more about my quest to create a home birth class series, home birthing topics, and on HypnoBirthing.