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A Cause Close to My Heart

1 Comment 05 November 2011

This post is part of a week long series leading up to the release of More Business of Being Born on November 8th. Come back to the Bring Birth Home blog daily to read the personal stories of seven women as they share “How The Business of Being Born Impacted My Life.”

by Pascale

I saw The Business of Being Born while living abroad in Sweden.

Our home is Montreal, Canada.

We had moved overseas a few months earlier for my husband’s work, with our 2 kids (my husband and I originally met in Africa and in the last 12 years we have moved 10 times!).

We were planning to have another baby and I was happy to be in a country where unless you had medical issues it was the norm to give birth with a midwife.

There I wasn’t an extraterrestrial because I thought that being hooked up while laboring on your back with your legs up in the air was weird and abnormal! But even in Scandinavia I sometimes couldn’t believe how misinformed some people were about natural birth and even though I am known for being opinionated I often found myself unable to justify my choices…

The Business of Being Born changed everything.

For  the first time I heard my voice! When people in the documentary spoke, it seemed like their words where coming from my heart! I will always remember the women who was making a metaphor between giving birth and climbing a wall. She said how once you climb that wall you feel like now no wall would be tall enough to come between you and your dreams. I cried. That is exactly how I felt since birthing my babies.

Before seeing BOBB I was already a believer in natural birth.

I thought there was something wrong with the way most babies in North America are being welcomed into the world.

That’s why my own kids where welcomed by their mommy, their daddy and midwives, first in an hospital and then the other two at home. I was a believer but was unable to translate my experience into words. The documentary changed that for me, for it gave me the strength to spread my beliefs so clearly

Giving birth to my first was a revelation!

Why is it that no one, not even other women, told me how strong I was!? Birthing made me an activist! I needed to tell future mothers they could do this, pregnancy was not a disease, that they have the strength and medication was not the only option!

BOBB gave me credibility!

I could tell people: See? Listen! Someone did their homework, and they are numberous! Giving birth at home is not irresponsible, and I am a good mom because I followed my heart!!!

I will be forever grateful for that movie.

There is something wonderful about pioneers! And since home birth was almost eradicated from “developed” countries, the Business of Being Born, and us home birthers…we are pioneers!

Pascale is a sweet soul, wife, mother of three, and birth activist living in Montreal, Canada.


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