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The Meaning of Home After Home Birth – One Year Later

1 Comment 07 December 2010

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my home birth (also known as the big first BIRTHDAY!!!).

I’ve been reflecting on that amazing day and realizing just how much my homebirth experience has influenced the way I live. And not just the obvious lifestyle changes that come with becoming a mother.

I’m an interior designer.

I spend my professional time guiding clients and creating with them, a home that reflects the way their family lives.

Pre-birth, I routinely told clients that I think our environments change the way we feel, and the way we interact with loved ones. This is how I explained and justified my role in their lives.

But giving birth at home has made me realize what that really means.

Our home is far more than bricks and a few coats of paint.

Home is a manifestation of our life’s choices; a living, breathing extension of how we LIVE.

From prenatal visits with my midwife in my bedroom, to laboring in my dining room, my home became an anchor, holding me as I navigated the process of pregnancy and childbirth.

While the main reason I chose home birth is because it is an organic extension of normal, physiological birth, I am realizing (and perhaps romanticizing) just how much it means that my Turkish rug I birthed on, my Grandmother’s antique chest that held a tray of candles, my favorite Moroccan tea glasses used for a champagne toast…they all hold the memory with me.

I am realizing that creating a space to share your time with friends, family, and most importantly yourself, is profoundly important.

Allowing your home to have meaning in your life is profoundly important.

Home birth changed the way I view my work. It changed the way I view my HOME.


Stephanie Benelli is a wife, musician, interior designer, and super crunchy NYC mama to a joyful and feisty one year old little lady. Find her online at

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  1. Jessica says:

    I mourned leaving our last apartment because it was where I lost my first baby- a miscarriage at 7 weeks- and where I almost gave birth to my older daughter. We had hoped for a homebirth but ended up transferring for a c-section. I remember walking back into our bedroom the day I got home from the hospital and being overcome with emotion. I had experienced such determination and such disappointment in the hours I labored in that room.
    This past winter I birthed my second daughter in the living room of our new house. What a triumph! My heart often swells when I sit in the corner of our couch where I first held my new baby girl.
    This house with its warm brown walls, bright, wide front window, and cozy couch has embraced my family, helping it grow, and perhaps easing a bit of the pain that followed us out of that tiny little apartment we left a year ago.

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