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Bring Birth Home on A Labor of Love Radio Show This Monday

0 Comments 11 July 2010

I have been invited to be a guest on this Monday’s Labor of Love radio show.

Our lovely host, Karen Angstadt, is the creator of A Labor of Love and her website, Intentional Birth. I am honored to be a guest on her show.

Karen and I have been conversing over our love for conscious birthing for a few months now. She has been my guest before as May’s Bring Birth Home monthly webinar.

Watch and listen to our hour long conversation about Karen, the creation of Intentional Birth and learn the importance of trusting your inner intuition on May’s Webinar Event Featuring Karen Angstadt of Intentional Birth.

Monday’s topics of discussion with be focused on home birth.

In the beginning of the show, Karen and I will talk about the recent home birth meta-analysis recently published on The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I will share my thoughts as to the validity of the combined research.

I will also be discussing my path to home birth, the creation of Bring Birth Home and the many projects I am currently working on, as well as insights into planning a home birth of your own.

Click the link below on Monday at 1 PM EST to join Karen and I during this powerful and important conversation.

Listen to A Labor of Love featuring Kaitlin Rose of Bring Birth Home

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