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Introducing The 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep Ebook

0 Comments 07 June 2012

Who would buy a home birth preparation book?

That’s a great question – here’s my answer.

There are 5 different types of people that would benefit from buying my ebook. You could be one of them. See below.

#1: You’re curious about home birth. On the fence.

  • This ebook is for you because it outlines what planning a home birth would entail for you, but you don’t have to make a hard commitment. Just $12 and a little bit of bedside reading time. Learn from a home birth moms’ story and go from there.

#2: You’re pregnant and planning a home birth.

  • The 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep is an all-in-one home birth preparation ebook. From pregnancy to labor, birth and beyond, it’s really all you need. A reading list, recommended DVDs and resource guide is also included.

#3: Midwives & doulas.

  • An addition to your personal library of birth books, The 9 Steps will remind you what families need to plan a home birth. It explains specific emotional and physical elements to prepare for that you don’t want to miss during prenatal visits. Consider the ebook as a guide to get on the same page as your clients. Develop a deep understanding of their journey through reading and discussing it together. You could even think of it as an informal pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum “plan.”

#4: Childbirth Instructors.

  • I’m quite confident that this ebook could serve as an addition to a childbirth program targeted specifically at couples planning a home birth. Each topic could be expanded on for a 12 week class. Refer it clients planning a home birth. Have it as an essential part of your library.

#5: Last but not least, this ebook is a great gift to friends.

  • If you’ve experienced the joy of home birth, share the gift of that knowledge and purchase The 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep for a friend. Whether they are on the fence about planning a home birth or are full scale in the throes of their journey, they’re bound to read something inspirational, that makes them think, or just plain supported along the way. How nice!

I’ve put a lot of my heart into this ebook, but that’s not the reason why I’m recommending it to you today.

I truly believe it can help a lot of families. I’m proud of the information it entails and want to share it with the birth world at large.

The 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep represents the change I want to see in the world. Writing it over the past 5 months is the way I’ve put in effort to make that change. Home birth = peaceful birth. And peaceful birth = a more peaceful world.

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