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Home Birth, the Teacher

0 Comments 09 July 2012

It was four years ago when I became pregnant, stopped smoking, quit the bar and found myself.

I started taking care of myself. It was the beginning of my “grown up” transformation. Before then, I was just a kid.

Just about midway through that first pregnancy, I discovered home birth. And that was the real game changer.

See, I never really knew what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I was a jack of all trades. Good at a lot of things but not really GREAT at one thing in particular. I couldn’t choose. I didn’t go to college and had no idea where my life would lead. Heck, I was so scared by not knowing the answer that I actually started talking myself into thinking working in a smokey bar was good enough for me.

Of course it wasn’t good enough for me at all.

When I got pregnant, and then when I discovered home birth, I knew that my life was changing for the better. I had found a cause to stand behind. Birth  concerned me, (because I was pregnant) but the more I learned about birth and the lack of women’s knowledge about their bodies and the process, the more emboldened I became.

Suddenly the pregnancy and the home birth I was planning became my mission.

While preparing for that home birth, I planned. I read and watched movies and talked to other women who had birthed at home (my piano teacher had two unassisted home births!). I interview our midwife, took a childbirth class and endured duel-care at the local hospital.

It was the first time in my life that I eagerly threw myself into learning everything I could about a subject. I became a student of birth and home birth.

Safe to say I learned a LOT! Enough to build this site, write an ungodly amount of blog posts, give birth at home twice and create an ebook.

Now my first home birth babe is 3 1/2 years old, and my second, (also born at home) just turned one. I’ve continued my commitment to learning by taking on new ventures with much more confidence than ever before. And I have home birth to thank for that.

What has home birth done for you? Has it taught you something in particular? Share your thoughts below!

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