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I Am An Author!

0 Comments 16 May 2012

I printed the first copy of my ebook yesterday. Whoot, whoot!

A little back story about the writing of this book:

I wrote the 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep email newsletter just over two years ago as part of the creation of this site.

The newsletter was free to receive, and since it’s inception, over 750 people planning a home birth have been helped by it’s content.

Early this Spring, I decided to transform the articles of my newsletter into an eBook.

I wanted to make it even more accessible to families. An all-in-one home birth preparation package that women could read on their Kindle before bed or share easy access information with their parents.

So I began the process of turning the 9 Steps inside out. I shook it upside down and watched all the words tumble. What a mess!

Then I picked up all the pieces, rearranged them, tossed out a bunch, added a ton, and adding it all together again. It took me four months.

I’d say 95% of the content is brand spankin’ new.

I’d learned so much since I wrote the original series. Heck, I’d had another home birth since then – and it was so much different than my first!

Now begins the process of editing. Red pen to paper. All 12,000+ words. It’s going to be awesome, thanks to a few stellar editing volunteers (I have read it so many times by now I can practically recite it).

The 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep eBook should be ready for the public the first week of June!

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