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Home Birth Advice for “Mainstream” Amercica

2 Comments 29 September 2011

If there was ONE thing you wish the “mainstream” public knew about home birth, what would it be?

“Choosing it doesn’t mean I think ALL women should. Just that I do.”

“That it’s NOT dangerous as long as you have a low-risk normal pregnancy!”

“I just wish that people understood that midwives go to a birth PREPARED. They don’t just show up with their clothes and sit around, waiting for you pop out a baby. They KNOW how to handle emergencies and are PREPARED to handle them.”

“That we don’t just dance around naked covered in patchouli oil.”

“That it’s not a celebrity trend or about going back in time its about taking our power control and choices back.”

“That every single person who was born up until the 1900′s was not born in a hospital.”

The friends & fans of Bring Birth Home have answered this question HERE.

What is your home birth advice? What key information would you like the general population to know about birthing at home? Leave your comment below!

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  1. Celeste says:

    Brave? Me? I think YOU are brave for giving birth in a hospital.


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