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Maybe We’re Crazy!

68 Comments 28 February 2012

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of this site.

I’ve been thinking all day about what to write in celebration of this hallmark event.

A list post dedicated to what I have learned thus far?

A whimsical story about what home birth means to me?


So here’s what I came up with instead.

I hope you dig it.

“Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe you’re crazy. Maybe we’re crazy. Probably.” – Crazy, by Gnarles Barkley

Please click “Play” before reading, and read while listening to achieve the full affect of this blog post.

When this song first hit the scene, I literally went craaaaazy over it on the dance floor.

I’d be sitting across the bar, slowly chipping away at my vodka tonic with a lime, smoking stacks of cigarettes, and BAM. That song came on and I would politely ask my date night partner to hold my drink first (okay it was more like “Here! HERE! It’s my song!”). Hehe…

I couldn’t get to the dance floor fast enough.

I’d edge my way through the crowd like a snake cutting around blades of grass. And when I arrived…everyone on that floor saw me. I’m sure they laughed their butts off (actually, I know they did - it was impossible not to).

I flailed my body around. Arms cascading through the air. Head twirling. Body spinning. Legs bounding, kicking, running in place.

Come to think of it, I think I even literally ran circles around that room…

Crazy was my anthem.

I can see now that this song, and my intense reaction to it, was full of foreshadowing.

See, there are a lot of people out there who think giving birth at home is crazy. Heck, some of them were my friends and family (not anymore, they’ve since changed their minds).

And on the other side of the isle, there are a good number of people out there who think giving birth at the hospital is crazy.

Well that’s just plain crazy! Yeah, a little bit. And I’ll tell ya why.

Because I don’t want to be thought of that way!

Why then, would anyone else want to be considered crazy for giving birth the way they want to? Educated or not?

That’s not fair. Or nice.

When I started Bring Birth Home, it was only about one thing: home birth advocacy.

Who wouldn’t want to give birth at home? I thought.

Turns out, there are a lot of women and families who don’t.

And that’s okay.

As soon as I realized this, and it really sunk in that I couldn’t be a successful advocate for home birth if I thought anyone who didn’t give birth at home was crazy, was the instant Bring Birth Home grew to outstanding proportions.

If there is anything I’ve learned about home birth advocacy in the past two years, it’s this: people want to learn more. 

The most popular blog posts on this blog is routinely are articles I wrote about the pros and cons of induction, epidurals and cesarean sections.

They search for information, and Google sends them here. Huh, what? Home birth? Hmm…

Nuff said.

Living By the Golden Rule.

I won’t treat you like you’re crazy. And I won’t use the word “should.” You do the same. Capiche?

Voila! Haaaaaarmony. Beautiful, sweet, harmony (this is the answer to world peace, I tell ya).

We’re all a nuts. Let’s embrace that, and each other.

Things can only go wrong when we start pointing fingers or throwing stones.

Until then, sing along with me, and dance like an effing crazy person. Because you are. Just like me.

And with that, I’d say it’s time for a giveaway!

One lucky winner will be chosen at random a week from today and mailed this beeeeautiful home birth necklace made by Mountain Girl Silver exclusively for Bring Birth Home.

Simply “like” Mountain Girl Silver, and leave a comment below sharing how you came to discover Bring Birth Home – who introduced you to the site and when? Then, if you’d be so kind, please recommend Bring Birth Home to one of your friends! Thank ya & good luck!


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  1. Natalie says:

    I (gratefully) stumbled upon BBH several days ago while perusing the internet for natural childbirth advocacy. One of the first blog posts I read rang so incredibly true for me (Supported Weaning) as my husband and I contemplate our “plan” for beginning to wean our 2 year old. What an emotional event- thank you for the insight and supportive words….I hope it’s a smooth ride!!

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