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Announcing the Official Opening of the Bring Birth Home Store

1 Comment 07 July 2010

Today, Wednesday, July 7th marks the official opening of the Bring Birth Home Store!

The idea of creating a store on Bring Birth Home came to me around the time of it’s creation, just over a year ago.

Bring Birth Home was born out of my passion to share successful home birth stories to support and inspire women through their choice to birth at home.

But as time passed, I realized stories alone would not be enough. Bring Birth Home would need to give much more to women.

Over the past six months, I have made great friendships and business relationships within the birth community. From the women who have contributed their successful home birth stories, to guest bloggers – I am so happy to be a part of this tribe.

Bring Birth Home’s visitors and fans has steadily grown…actually at a quite surprising rate!

It’s down right crazy how fast the BBH Facebook page gained fans and friends. I’ve received several thoughtful and thankful emails and messages and realize Bring Birth Home is loved by many! :)

Now fast forward to about a month ago to a story that takes place on Facebook (the heart of the BBH community)…

I recorded a short video about how I came to create Bring Birth Home merchandise and donate 10% of the proceeds each month to a worthy organization.

Watch it here: Announcing the Bring Birth Home Store

The organization Bring Birth Home donates to will change each month.

Several people suggested numerous non-profits and organizations that they would like to see Bring Birth Home donate to. I hope to donate to many of those who work to make birth more natural, normal and healthy for women and babies.

This first month, we will be
donating to The Big Push
for Midwives
. Visit their site to learn more.

We will also be adding more merchandise over the coming months. Our first selection is rather small to start, but it will grow! Expect to see onsies, t-shirts, bags, newborn hats and more!

>> Take me to the Bring Birth Home Store!

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  1. Christi Johnson says:

    I am so happy for you! Your success is wonderful, and well-deserved. I really appreciate your business and know that it will be a great resource for many women and their families!

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