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Pregnancy Update #3: All We Need is Our Midwife

3 Comments 31 December 2010

While carrying my first child, I began going to the local hospital for prenatal care at 12 weeks.

That’s the “normal” thing to do right? So that’s what I did.

And I couldn’t stand every single minute of every single visit.

I couldn’t stand being shuffled in and out with such standardized, dehumanized “care.”

I didn’t really want to be weighed – at least I didn’t want to know how much weight I was gaining (I didn’t want to care and loved my new curves).

I didn’t like the countless different “midwives” (can they really be called that?) that I saw. Not one of them seemed to love their job. They used scare tactics and kept conversation professional and routine.

I didn’t feel good, and that is not what I was expecting upon becoming not only a new patient, but a first time mom.

Every visit left me wondering why these women worked in the field and scratching my head as to why not one of them seemed excited for me!

About half way through my pregnancy, we discovered home birth and found a home birth midwife.

We fell in love with her and began prenatal care sessions.

What a night and day difference from those horrid hospital appointments!

Our midwife came to our house and stayed for an hour and a half. I cut up fruit and made tea. I swear we talked about non-birth related issues more than anything. We got to know each other really well.

Meanwhile, I continued care at the local hospital, “just in case,” as my fiance said. It became an experiment.

We’d ask questions we could guess the answer to, having gone through a rather liberal independent childbirth class. Each answer strengthened our belief in home birth.

Now I’m pregnant again, and one thing I am looking forward to about this pregnancy more than anything is not having to step foot in that hospital.

No, the care of our beloved midwife is all we need.

We start next week.

For some, there are plenty of reasons to go to a hospital for prenatal care: testing and ultrasounds mainly. I don’t have the desire.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing many more pregnancy updates with you in the coming weeks and months!

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  1. Cherylyn says:

    I’m totally with you! That’s my plan for the next pregnancy :) I was planning to avoid the OB altogether with the last one until I miscarried. No doctors unless there’s a clear need.

  2. Looking forward to reading more pregnancy updates! :)


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