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Can You Guess Which of These Women Gave Birth at Home?

83 Comments 27 January 2011

Take a close look at each of the photos below.
Can you guess which women gave birth at home?


Photo by Sandi Heinrich Photography

Correct Answer:

All of them. Every single woman in the photos above gave birth at home.

Surprised? Don’t be! Home birth isn’t just for celebrities and hippies, all sorts of women give birth to their babies at home!

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83 Comments so far

  1. Rachel H. says:

    So inspirational! You all should be so proud of yourselves for being so strong!

    My next baby will be born at home. I know this!

  2. melody says:

    love it. so so much ;)

  3. Eric Walker says:

    Very nicely done Katie. This post will be a good example for others who are considering home birth.

  4. julie says:

    in 1975, when we had our first home birth i knew NO ONE who had done this except for my grandmothers and a book i read…but i knew it was possible and a good thing. you all are so lucky to have modern technology to help you and the internet to connect you. 35 years later my 2 homebirths are my shining moments as a woman, wife and mother <3

  5. AWESOME! I had a feeling it was all of them as I started scrolling down and saw some I recognized, and I was so happy to find I was right. Can’t wait to share this!!

  6. Cyndia says:

    I see one of my favorite couples up there, Jenny and Alex! They look like celebrities to me! Every couple up there ROCKS.

  7. Ashley says:

    i love this =D
    my next little one will be born at home
    i’m excited for my future home birth after cesarean

  8. Anna Hakes says:

    AWESOME! I had all 4 of mine at home – and two of them were a surprise (last minute flip) breech! It CAN be done. :)

  9. Krista says:

    This post made me a little emotional! I LOVE home birth! I wish I could talk everyone into it! It’s SUCH a beautiful thing! I want to have a hundred babies so I can give birth at home a hundred times….but I don’t think I could handle that many babies when they’re born…or a hundred pregnancies haha!

  10. Wonderful! I just wish more women of color would speak up and make themselves known for things like this. Had I known about this, I’d definitely submit a pic for it. People need to see that Black women give birth at home as well. :)

  11. tinyheat says:

    You should have included Pamela Anderson! The idea/picture of her birthing at home – actually helped me while I was in transition – birthing at home.

    Great job Mommas!

  12. tinyheat says:

    Just to clarify – the reason why it helped me – was just the idea of her as displayed in the media at least – being plastic and not natural at all and yet she was able to birth both her kids at home – allowed me to overcome my self doubt.

  13. LOVE THIS! Thanks Katilin! I’m really looking forward to birthing at home :)

  14. maria says:

    Too funny. Except for maybe one person, I thought all of them to. And that based on the face having a sour and cramped look LOL Funny how I put those two together then.

  15. Audrey says:

    amazing! home sweet homebirth <3

  16. What a lovely collection! I agree with Patrice – I’d like to see ALL sorts of women, including racial as well as socioeconomic diversity. Maybe that could be your next collection :)

  17. gena kirby says:

    So well done, thank you! Home birth is normal and not just for hippies, I love all the pictures! I will be sharing this often!

  18. Angélique says:

    My home birth was the most wonderful experience ever! We planned a water birth @ the Genesis Clinic but baby did not give us time to get to the clinic.

  19. Anna Nel says:

    Thank you for a stunning, inspirational site. I love it!! I’m pregnant with my second, due any day now and can’t wait to give birth at home! Well done all these amazing ladies! xx

  20. Annie Wendt says:

    Awesome! Great idea, such a beautiful post. did you say you are still adding pics? the more the better, I think!

  21. Jeannie Allen. doula says:

    Wonderful message. Wonderful way to meet your baby, One my Photo with be up here

  22. KAS says:

    I’m so sad that this may never be an option for me. The nearest midwives to me live 45+ minutes away, and that’s on a good day with no construction or other issues – and public aid in my state (which hopefully we’ll be off of by the time we have another child; we’re preventing naturally right now!) does not cover the assistance of a midwife. Both my children were uneventful, low-risk pregnancies born with an OB in a hospital, and I genuinely feel I am lucky that despite the number of interventions used in my labors, I have not yet had a c-section.
    I want desperately to become a midwife myself, but I am absolutely terrified of the ramifications of that ONE labor that for whatever reason goes bad – even if the family didn’t blame me, I would probably blame myself, and I know that. So for now I’m settling with working toward becoming a birth doula, and am a natural birth advocate. :)

  23. Kate says:

    Love it!!!!!

  24. Sarah says:

    @KAS: Don’t give up hope for a home birth! 45 minutes is usually plenty of time for your midwife to get to you when you are in labor. And there are plenty of babies who decided to come before the midwife arrived, but she was able to talk the husband through delivery and took over as soon as she got there. Our midwife talked us through the scenario during prenatal visits and we were very close to having to do it without her there, but she made it in time. I just held my baby in for 20 minutes through breathing techniques (and by holding a towel between my legs – haha i know that doesn’t hold a baby in but it made me feel much better).

  25. Lourdes says:

    I like the thought of the montage, and the pictures are nice, but very disappointed in the lack of racial diversity. Try a little harder next time, please.

  26. Lyn says:

    I’ve had 2 homebirths. Such wonderful experiences. Let me know when you are looking for pictures again. :)

  27. Michelle Breen says:

    Add my picture!

  28. Leslie says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Gorgeous mamas, gorgeous babies, and each has a unique and wonderful story!!! WAY TO GO MAMAS!!!!

  29. Dea says:

    Hope to add my picture to the group someday! :)

  30. Ashlee says:

    So well done, love seeing my pic up there. My homebirth with my second baby was such an eye opening experience. I had a straightforward hospital birth with my first but it does not even come close to the feelings of power, love, strength, joy and courage that my home water birth brought out in me. It forced me to face all my deepest fears and to punch straight through them. I can look back at that day for the rest of my life and know that I did it MYSELF.
    Well done all you beautiful mamas

  31. motherinvention says:

    Nice collection of beautiful women/men and babies. I had 3 hospital births, the 3rd a c-section, then went on to have 7 home births. The last 4 were unassisted. At any moment now I will get the call to assist at my 1st grandchilds birth at home.

  32. Leslie LaLeche says:

    I have birthed at home as well! <3 Twice! Just had my baby 3 months ago, in my tub. :) @KAS, at my first homebirth (of my 5th child) my MW lived 45 mins away on a good day. My latest babe (6th baby) my MW lived 1.5 hours away. We moved to the remote Colorado Rocky mts and that was our only option…or drive 2.5 hrs to the nearest hospital. Trust your body, trust in birth. I have had 6 kids vaginally w/ no problems. The risks and "what ifs" are so low…45 mins is really not that far after all. :) <3

  33. Foxymoxie says:

    And here are some other well known people that have home birthed, Meryl Streep
    Demi Moore
    Lisa Bonet
    Pamela Anderson (also a big BFing advocate)
    Jade Jagger
    kelly preston, Felicity Huffman and Asia Carrera. Oh and me but I’m not well known lol :)

  34. Barbara says:

    Why do you need a midwife? I was cut open for my first child in a military hospital, and went on to have my next 2 babies at home with just my family – no midwife. Do your research and the inner work and you can do it too. Any woman can do it if she believes she can. Birthing at home was the best experience of my life and I got my power back. No doubt.

  35. bringbirthhome says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. I am honored to host these photos on Bring Birth Home.

    Quick FYI: I posted the first 100 photos that came into my inbox with the exception of those which needed to be cropped or re-sized. I too wish there was greater racial diversity.

    Also, still accepting photos and will be adding more next week! Email your head shot to KaitlinRose@BringBirthHome.com

  36. Sofia R. says:

    Absolutely beautiful. If I would have been more in the know how to all this when I had my children I would have definitely gone this route. Know one of the couples above and I know they had a WONDERFUL experience and their kids are precious!

  37. Amanda says:

    So many beautiful mamas and babies. Thanks for sharing them! :)

  38. Samantha Stewart says:

    i love woman that give birht at home i only wish that i could but both of my birhts has been really bad my frist birht was three and a halfs early and she only weight 5lbs and 14 ozs my second birht was really bad to he was born only 9 days early and he weight 5 lbs 5 ozs. and 18 inches long he had water around his heart. A nd when i had him he had to be flight rushed to morgantown because he almost died on us he had to stay up there in the nicu for 5 days after he was born .

  39. Samantha Stewart says:

    My little girl she was born with a birht defect she was born three and half weeks early and only weight 5 lbs 14 ozs and 19 1/2 inches long i had gest. deiabtes. when i found out that i was going to have another baby i was really happy cause it was a boy but then it all truned out bad because when i was around 7 1/2 months i had to go for my urtla sound and they found that he had water around his heart but then we had to go up to morgantown to have it re checked and i was really happy becuse he didnt have water around his heart anymore he was find but when i went in to have him it didnt trun out like i would have hoped he was only 1 day old when they had to flight rush him to morgantown because his heart almost stop beating on us he had to spent the first 5 days of his little life in the NICU when i had him he only weight 5 lbs 5 ozs 18 inches long .

  40. finally says:

    We are fighting in SD to make it legal to have a CPM (certified proffessional midwife) at our homebirths. I finally got the birth I wanted with my last baby. Of course, it happened out of hospital. If you feel the need to help us, please write a little note to one of our SD legislatures.

  41. Rebecca says:

    Loved this site! Pro home birth needs to get put out there more. 2 months ago I had my third baby and third home birth and loved it! I don’t want to have my children anywhere else. I had them where I wanted and had who I wanted there. I don’t consider myself a “brave” woman as some people have said when I tell them that I have home births, I have just simply made an educated decision and through experience found that this is the most loving and gentle way for my children to be born. Go 100% natural–Go home birth! :)

  42. what a wonderful post! how do i get my picture on there too? ;)

  43. Lovely!!

    Helping to shape the idea of what homebirth looks like, to all sorts of women.

    Well done!!

  44. I love this. I guessed correctly from the start! Having all four of my children at home completely changed me in so many ways. Each was a profound and utterly lovely experience. Thankful, truly.

  45. Every single one!
    And ME! Why didn’t you ask for my pic?

    Just kidding Katie… sorta ;)

    Simply beautiful!

  46. bringbirthhome says:

    Thank you so much for viewing this page and leaving all of your precious comments. Home birth is very special to so many people. I can’t get over the joy of my own home birth!

    I am still accepting photos to post this week. But by the end of this week, I’m calling it finished. Get yours in the mix! Email: KaitlinRose@BringBirthHome.com <3

  47. wow, pamela anderson, fake boobs and all? i am impressed! ;)

  48. Jen says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  49. Katie says:

    You did awesome! I love this post!

  50. Neva says:

    i’d be curious to know how many women went drug free and had water births…


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