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0 Comments 21 June 2010

Mondays are so much better when you read an inspiring home birth quote!

I’m so glad I decided to post these gorgous and empowering quotes on Mondays! Always such a great start to the week.

Today’s quote features a powerful home water birth story.

Dylan decided to fire her ob and move to where she could gain (much) better support from her family and her midwife.

Her first birth didn’t make her feel so strong. So she took back her birth experience and became a powerful mama lion for her second!

Here is her awesome extended home birth quote:

“No bells, no whistles, no pagers, no doctors to page! Instead of feeling like a caged and frightened animal, I felt like a peaceful and powerful mama lion, cozy in her den with all she ever needed in life surrounding her. It was truly beautiful.

I love to share my homebirth experience with other women who may not realize that it is even a real option for them. You don’t have to be a super woman, I’m a real sissy when it comes to pain. I’m being honest when I tell you this was many times less painful than my experience in the hospital, epidural and all!”

Read Dylans’s Water Birth Story:
Dylan + Harvey | Powerful Mama Lion

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