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We crave the moment of our baby’s birth.

We dream about it, plan for it, read about it, talk to women and nearly become  obsessed as the date looms near.

That is what today’s home birth quote is all about – craving the moment of birth. But our author wanted more than simply wanting her baby to join her, Ozzie cherished and savored the very moment when her baby came into the world.

Here is her quote:

“And this is exactly what I was craving. As much as I wanted to meet my baby, I wasn’t interested in just the end result. I wanted something deeper. I wanted the experience of giving birth to my baby. I LOVE that I can just reminisce about it and cry.”

Read Ozzie’s home birth story,
Craving Birth

More from Ozzie…

I was blessed to receive this email from Ozzie, which she wrote as a testimonial to her midwives in gratitude for their presence during her birth.

I will share an excerpt from that letter here.

“Part of me is sad that it’s over. Part of me is amazed. Part of me is thankful that I was able to bring my baby into this world just how I wanted. Part of me is proud. I did it. I went somewhere inside myself that night that sadly, not many women get to go. I can’t believe what an amazing experience it was for Frank and I as well. It was the most intimate, romantic, emotional, DEEP experience we went through together. I always knew he was my rock, but that night he just proved it on an entirely different level.

Being in my home, being surrounded by who I wanted, all the positive, supportive energy that they brought into my home (and all their help), having the lights off, the music, the candles, being able to labor with my husband by my side and not to have interruptions and contraptions surrounding me and attached to me – I would pay a million dollars to do it THAT way.

You guys knew exactly what I needed. Space. Space to be with my husband, to connect with him, to find myself, to feel my body and to let me go through the transformation the way I needed to. THAT is the way it is meant to be. I really feel sorry for women that don’t get to experience it fully. I feel like they are robbed. Robbed of knowing what an incredible amazing body they have, robbed of being able to say, yea I did that! It really is a woman’s war story.”

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