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Announcing Custom Home Birth Baskets by Bring Birth Home

1 Comment 15 June 2010

Bring Birth Home has joined Mama Goddess Birth Shop to bring you luxurious custom home birth kits.

Go to the Bring Birth Home Custom Home Birth Baskets Now!

I am SO excited to share this news with you!

Maria, the owner of Mama Goddess  Birth Shop, and I have been collaborating together for the past four months to create a customized home birth basket.

Each of the products included in the Custom Deluxe Home Birth Baskets have been hand selected by yours truly.

Home birth essentials to complete your home birth experience

If you are planning to birth at home,there will be a list of supplies you’ll need to purchase to have during your birth.

Perhaps your midwife will give you a list of items. Ours did.

Eric and I traveled to at least three stores to gather everything we needed.

And we waited to get everything until I was 38 weeks. Needless to say, it wasn’t the greatest of all shopping experiences. I’m sure you can imagine.

Which lead me to decide that next time around, I’d be going about things differently – smarter. I would buy everything I needed online. It would be convenient, time and cost effective, and I would probably find really neat things that aren’t available at the local drugstore.

Through months of research and shopping around, I found an online store that met all of my birthing needs. Contacting and getting to know Maria has been a wonderful experience.

Who is Mama Goddess?

Maria is the owner of Mama Goddess Birth Shop, located in Vancouver, B.C.

She is a home birth mom, passionate about helping to make the home birth experience of others more pleasant and comfortable.

Mama Goddess Birth Shop is the home to dozens of home birthing essential items. I picked through them judiciously and choose the items to provide a luxurious and memorable care package.

Mama Goddess provides two varieties of birth baskets, the Classic basket and Deluxe

These home birth kits contain everything you will need (plus some) to have a comfortable and clean home birth experience.

Classic Birth Kit:

  • 24 Blue under pads
  • 2 Plastic backed sheets (42×84 inches)
  • 6 4×4 Gauze {2 per package}
  • 1 Peri Bottle
  • 4 Paper covered Straws
  • 3 Emergen-C
  • 1 lb Package of Epsom Salts-For healing
  • And MUCH more…

>> Go To The Store! <<

Deluxe kits include everything mentioned in the Classic Basket plus:

  • 1-Vial Arnica 30C to help with bruising postpartum
  • 1- Bag of Perineal Healing wash herbs and information on using the herbs postpartum.
  • 1- Imp Print. Baby hand and foot printing kit in Purple
  • 1- Hot Water Bottle

And for all your birthing needs – the ambiance creators, memory makers and helpful extras, I present to you…

The Bring Birth Home Custom Deluxe Package. With beeswax candles and calming spritzer, as well as postpartum supplies, you will have everything you need to support you through your home birth experience.

Buy the Bring Birth Home Custom Deluxe Package on it’s own, or as an add on with either the basket.

Visit Mama Goddess Birth Shop now to view these personal and luxurious custom home birth baskets.

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