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Bring Birth Home FAQ #2: How Can I Find a Home Birth Midwife? (video)

0 Comments 02 June 2011

Welcome to video #2, “How Can I Find a Home Birth Midwife?” in the new BBH video series, Frequently Asked Questions by Kaitlin Rose of Bring Birth Home.

For those looking into or currently planning to birth at home, I am happy to answer this is a very important question: how to find a home birth midwife.

Watch the short video below for my answer to this question. Then be sure to scroll down below the video for more resources!

Find a midwife in your city and state by visiting Mothers Naturally.

This is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for home birth midwives!

For more information about midwives, state laws & regulations and to stay up to date with the changes in midwifery practice, please visit the Midwives Alliance of North America , MANA.org.

You can also visit the BBH page, Find a Midwife for more information, such as a list of questions to ask a midwife during an interview.

And ¬†don’t forget midwives! Please feel free to leave your contact information below!

Watch the first video in the series, BBH FAQ #1: How Did You Discover Home Birth?

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