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BBH FAQ #3: What if Something Goes Wrong During a Home Birth?

0 Comments 22 June 2011

Welcome to the third video in the frequently asked questions video series, “what if something goes wrong during home birth?”


Good Questions to Ask a Midwife During an Interview:
taken from Part 7 in the 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep BBH newsletter series

  • Are you certified? Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives should be able to produce proof.
  • If you are unavailable when I go into labor, do you have a midwife back up? If so, can I meet her?
  • Do you work with a doctor? Can I meet that doctor?
  • What is your fee and do you accept any kind of insurance?
  • At what point do you join me during my labor?
  • Do you allow family/friends/doula to be present during my labor and birth?
  • Do you encourage movement and positioning during labor?
  • What is your transfer rate?
  • What is your c-section rate?
  • I have (or if I have) concerns handling pain, how will you help me cope? What are you suggestions?

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