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1 Comment 14 April 2010

Bring Birth Home Introduces a New Monthly Series of Interviews and Interactive Live Webinar Events

Since planning and accomplishing a natural birth at home, I’ve found my calling. And I’m not alone. Home birth mamas around the world are working to spread the good word about the option and choice to birth at home.

I have spoken with many amazing and inspiring mamas who work diligently to provide information to expectant mothers interested in home birth. When I approached the subject of live interviews, I was met with a warm and eager reception. So I’m going for it.

How it will work:

First, each guest and I will talk casually,  for roughly a half hour. This interview will be recorded and available to you in a blog post.

At the bottom of each post you will find a link to sign-up for the upcoming webinar event, featuring an in-depth look on the information each guest has to offer. All webinars will end with a live Q&A.

Our First Guest is Home Birth Mama, Author and Activist, Danielle McMahon, Creator of the Home Birth Toolkit

I found Danielle while searching for home birth related information online around Thanksgiving of 2009.

Danielle is the author of the Home Birth Toolkit. The HBTK is equip with a 107 page e-book, inspiring home birth stories and a home birth planning checklist, offers a well of information pulled together in one neat package, as if to say, “conserve your energy, mama, everything you need to know about planning your home birth is right here.” How nice!

Danielle’s e-book, Planning Your Home Birth – A Practical Guide, an informative guide to planning the logistics of a home birth, impressed me immediately. Danielle really did her due diligence in putting together this booklet.

Danielle McMahon lives in Brisbane, Australia with her two beautiful daughters and partner Daniel. Learn more about her story by listening to our audio interview below.

I am honored to have met her acquaintance and interview her. Thank you Danielle!

We’re not stopping with the audio recording, there’s more!

You’re invited to attend a LIVE Webinar Event featuring Danielle McMahon and her product, the Home Birth Toolkit.

Join us this Saturday, April 17th at 6 PM EST for an in-depth presentation of what the Home Birth Toolkit entails featuring step-by-step educational slides.

Sign up for the Live Webinar, a presentation featuring Danielle McMahon as she shares her story and gives us an in-depth look at the Home Birth Toolkit.

Already a Home Birth Mama?

You should still attend this event. In fact, you could benefit from attending.

Here’s why:

Danielle realized there are childbirth educators, doulas, midwives and all-around passionate home birth mothers who may be able to use the Home Birth Toolkit as a reference guide or even a course book to be used for educational purposes.

One particularly useful ingredient of the Home Birth Toolkit is the Home Birth Planning Checklist.

Click here to learn more about this Saturday’s live webinar event!

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  1. Thank you so much… Thank you for providing more resources and info for home birthing mommas, and those that want to be. I’m planning my first home birth for my first child this August, and this website has been very inspiring. Thanks again!

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