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Top Ten Reasons to Support Midwifery Licensure

2 Comments 19 September 2010

provided by Friends of Michigan Midwives

Licensure will…

1. Make legal the practice of Certified Professional Midwives (CPM)

2. Increase access for consumers to CPMs and safe out-of-hospital births.

3. Make possible Medicaid and insurance coverage for care with a CPM.

4. Create a sustainable, viable career in direct entry midwifery for future generations of midwives.

5. Encourage better, (thus, safer!) hospital collaborations and transfers, when the need arises.

6. Provide a grievance and accountability mechanism for midwives that is not criminal courts only.

7. Protect consumers and midwives from criminal charges for participating in out-of-hospital births.

8. Use the CPM credential, created by midwives, for midwives, and for out-of-hospital birth, as the standard of competency.

9. Provide qualification standards for midwives, helping consumers to determine midwives’ education and experience.

10. Join the trend of more than half the US states who license direct entry midwives and reap it’s benefits.

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2 Comments so far

  1. I do not support that only cpms or licensed or cnm midwifes should be the only ones doing births in america. I believe a woman should have the right to choose anyone she wants to attend her birth. I think homebirth period should be decriminalized and women givin the freedom to birth at home if they so choose. Keep big government out of our bedrooms and give mothers the right to choose not a licensing agency. The focus of this move is on protecting the midwife not the mothers choices.

  2. Laurel Brant says:

    Well said Celesta. I want autonomy, my own definition and not someone elses’ I make decisions regarding my body and, reproductively, when where and with whom to give birth. Not only do I want the government out of my bedroom, I want the medical and midwifery associations out too.

    I recently attended a consensus conference called Turning the Tide in Vancouver, BC and great efforts are being made to make women feel they have some choice or control around decisions made regarding birth. The elephant in the room is womens’ autonomy, real autonomy, not something acceptable to doctors and midwives. No one addresses the human rights issue or the sexism issue – because I have a female body, someone else gets to dictate acceptable behavior/decision-making?? I think not. Laws need to be challenged and changed, hopefully, in my life-time!!

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