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We’re Having a Homebirth! – A Book for Children

3 Comments 17 July 2010

Today I received a complementary copy of We’re Having a Home Birth by Kelly Mochel.

I was so excited to get this book and read it to Ella. She sat through the whole thing, patiently looking over each picture.

We’re Having a Home Birth is narrated by a little girl.

Her mommy is having a home birth and she is proud and interested to be a part of the process.

Kelly takes us on a journey of what the process of  home birth might look like to a young child in an easy to understand manner. The book speaks well to youngsters through a child’s perspective.

We’re Having a Home Birth paints home birth, and natural birth, in a very normal light.

There is no emergency during this relaxed home birth.

The young girl says when her mommy is ready to have the baby, she will say, “it is time.” And indeed mommy does.

The midwife, Jenny, arrives and gives mommy “sweet back rubs” and encouraging words. She also takes time to talk to her and daddy about how they can help mommy.

Mommy labors naturally on the back of a chair, swivels her hips and relaxes in a bath.

After baby is born, the family waits to cut the cord until the placenta is delivered. The next page shows mom breastfeeding.

I would definitely recommend this book! It’s a great starting point and conversation starter when introducing your children to home birth.

Pick up your copy of We’re Having a Homebirth! today!

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  1. EmH says:

    Thanks for posting this–I am ordering a copy tonight. I wish this was around back in January when I was preparing for my homebirth. Oh well, I’ll have it for next time! It’ll also make a wonderful gift for my midwife.

  2. Noel says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to recommend this book to all my home birthing friends with older kids!


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