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When Hospital Birth is Safer Than Home Birth | Featuring Laila Ali

2 Comments 21 March 2010

An incredibly inaccurate “mainstream” assumption of home birthing women is that we are overly trusting of female bodies.

Yes, the bodies of women are designed to birth, just as breasts are designed to nourish our young. But nothing in nature is perfect, and 99% of women I know do not blindly trust the process.

Rather, most of the home birthing women I know practice thorough education ranging from proper nutrition during pregnancy, relaxation techniques  during labor and are knowledgeable in postpartum care.

Whoever said women who birth at home were wacky, uneducated women on the fray of society must have never met a home birth mama.

And they definitely never watched Laila Ali’s webisode featured at the My Best Birth Community.

Laila Ali, (Professional Boxer, daughter of Muhammad Ali) liked the idea of birthing at home. The idea of having a home birth seemed more natural to her.

However, along the way of her pregnancy, complications arose. So she did what any responsible mother in her situation would do…she gave birth in a hospital.

Watch Laila’s Interview Featured on My Best Birth:


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