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In “Being There,” Mother & Daughter Share Insightful Perspectives on Birth

0 Comments 03 May 2010

Being There, a recent article published on Mothering Online, was posted to the Bring Birth Home fan page a few days ago. Tonight, after nursing my daughter to bed, I finally got the quiet, uninterrupted space to read it in peace.

I was deeply moved by this thought provoking article.

The first half of this story is told by Milva, who shares with us the perspective of a mother investigating her daughter’s feelings about birth. She describes witnessing and coming to understand her daughter’s viewpoint through being present during her births – the first in a hospital and the second at home.

Her inspiration came from overhearing two women chatting about how teen pregnancy could be decreased through  witnessing childbirth.

This fear-based depiction of childbirth lead the author to delve deeper into how a young woman’s opinion could be more positive. She has done so by sharing this wonderful story.

Daughter Justine provides her take in the second half of the article.

She articulates private thoughts in moments previously described through Milva’s perspective; the full picture providing heart-warming clarity.

Justine notes the difference between hospital birth and home birth brilliantly, discussing the subtle variations of the two natural births based on setting and mood.

The article represents awareness, introspection, revelation and reflection when it comes to birth. In the end, we come to understand how normal birth can be, both in the active participant and in the observer.

Read Mothering’s web-exclusive article, Being There.

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