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The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever

2 Comments 05 May 2010

Today is the International Day of the Midwife!

The International Day of the Midwife is one to celebrate and raise awareness for the good work midwives do, to meet new people within the birthing community and think about the many members of the profession.

Celebrated since May 5th, 1991, The International Day of the Midwife has been recognized by over 50 nations around the world.

I love my midwife!

My midwife and I sat side by side in crowded room listening to Suzanne Arms speak about natural childbirth.

We didn’t know each other then. In fact, we didn’t even catch eyes. Little did I know, I’d be hiring her two short months later.

After talking on the phone, we finally met when she drove over to our home for an interview. Looking back, I think it was my fiance and I who where being interviewed. Linda wanted to make sure we knew the responsibility one  takes on when giving birth at home.

We loved her and knew instantly she was the one we wanted to hire.

Prenatal visits included tea and fruit, long discussions and hard laughs. Over the months, she seemed less and less like someone we hired. More like a great friend. I looked forward to her being a part of my daughter’s birth.

She made the biggest difference during my pregnancy and labor, and I couldn’t imagine giving birth without her. I will think of her today, and celebrate that she chose the path of midwifery.

What You Can Do To Celebrate Midwifery Today

Thanks to MANA.org for this list

  • Obtain a proclamation recognizing this day from your governor or local officials. Make arrangements to pick up local proclamations yourself or send a representative of your organization or a group of midwifery supporters. Try to get press coverage.
  • Plan a picnic in the park, a potluck dinner, or a rally for the families you have served. Consider opening it to the public and press (“come talk with some home birth families” or “come learn why these families used a midwife”).
  • Have an Open House at your office. Invite the governor, mayor, or your legislator to your event. Invite local doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and health officials. Have a presentation ready explaining the benefits of midwifery care.
  • Participate in a radio or TV talk-show or interview.
  • Arrange a church service or plant a tree in a local park to commemorate the day.
  • Make up and distribute flyers about midwifery and International Midwives’ Day. Send out to the public, legislators, policy makers, insurance companies, etc. Send legislators a “new constituent birth announcement”. Office supply stores now have stationary items like postcards and greeting cards that feed through your printer.
  • Have a gathering of midwives. Send all the midwives in your state a copy of your proclamation, if you can copy it onto special paper. Frame it and take your local midwife out to lunch and present the proclamation to her as an award. Call some clients to join you and invite the press to an (inexpensive, easy to organize) Award Ceremony in honor of this day.
  • Wear lapel ribbons signifying the day (in Michigan, they wear blue and pink ribbons). Let people at other meetings you attend know that International Midwives Day is coming up. Take some ribbons along, distribute them and ask people to wear them on May 5.
  • Send out Public Service Announcements to local radio and TV.
  • Arrange to have a display or a booth in a shopping mall or health, women’s or children’s fairs.
  • Give special presents to babies born on International Midwives’ Day. Send their pictures into the paper with birth announcements.
  • Above all, get as much media coverage of events as possible. Send out press releases before and after International Midwives’ Day. Take pictures at your event and send copies into the paper after your event. Make your celebration of this event as public as possible. Celebrate the wonders of midwifery with your community and reach out to those who are not yet aware of these wonders in order to educate them!

What are you doing today to celebrate midwives? Share your plans/activities by commenting below!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Yay midwives! I don’t think there are any local activities planned around here, but I hope to see pictures of other peoples’ really cool ideas. :)


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