Soul Sunday: Kaitlin Rose Music

0 Comments 19 February 2012

Before home birth, my thing was music.

Music was my thing.

It all began the summer of 2001.

I would be turning 16 that August, and I was bored. Couldn’t drive. It was
so hot outside. And I didn’t feel like swimming again.

So I asked my mom about her guitar. “Do you still have that old guitar?”

“In the hallway closet,” she replied.

I taught myself how to play her guitar that day.

Well, I’m still playing, just over 10 years later.

And although most of my time these days is filled with babies,
home birth support and cleaning this house, I still love playing my guitar.

I’ve created a Kaitlin Rose music page.

Like if it you want to know more about my other passion (there is a poll
to answer when you get there).

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