The Much Needed Refresh Button

7 Comments 12 March 2012

I’m usually feeling a bit down by the end of Winter.

It’s rare to find anyone in Michigan who isn’t ready for Spring by the end of February/beginning of March.

Couple feelings of irritability and general “blue” vibes with having two energetic  children bouncing off the walls.

Then couple that with the fact that I haven’t had a daytime trip to a coffee shop to write, (one of my all-time favorite activities) or a date night with Eric in 8 months.

Honestly, sometimes I just sit on the couch and think, man, I’d really like a vodka tonic and a cigarette right now.

(that was my previous life!)

Well this past weekend, I got a chance to hit the Refresh button.

Thanks to Eric’s mom and step-dad, who surprised us with an overnight trip to the Amway Grand hotel for Eric’s upcoming birthday.

We packed our bags Saturday morning and made the 45 minute drive to Grand Rapids.

Ella was SO excited when we told her about the pool.

She talked about it non-stop, (literally) until we finally said “YES! Right now!” and changed into our bathing suits (we ended up hanging out in the jacuzzi because it was warmer. No complaints here!).

It was a blast to be somewhere different. Somewhere I’d never been before. I love that.

And it was great to be able to grab a bite to eat and set the dishes down at the sink for someone else to wash and put away!

Thrilling, I tell you. Thrilling.

I found myself exhaling sighs of relief more than a few times.

Now granted, staying in a hotel with two kids is a bit of work in itself.

We did a lot of chasing.

A lot of “in a minute, sweetheart.” We had to take turns walking Lucan around restaurants and reminding Ella not to jump on the gorgeous ornate couches in the lobby.

Ah, but it was such a rare treat. The last time I stayed overnight in a hotel was when my mom and I saw Wicked in Chicago, summer of ’07. Wow!

I indulged myself in lattes and chocolate croissants. Felt fancy in my pencil skirt at dinner.

Ella got one on one time with Granny and her Aunt Sarah.

The funnies thing about the whole excursion was how much it made me appreciate home.

Yesterday was the warmest and sunniest day of the year so far at 63 degrees.

We walked in and opened the windows. A soft breeze came in off the lake.

The kids went into the living room and eagerly played with their toys as if they hadn’t been home for a week!

I put away dishes from the dishwasher and scrubbed down the kitchen…I love my kitchen when it’s sparkling clean.

And for the first time in a long time, being home didn’t feel like a chore.

Dishes didn’t feel like work.

It felt like life.

My life – the one that I love so much.

I realized just how vital a break is.

After not getting a true break for such a long time, I can now better understand why walking away from it all is really like hitting the refresh button. I feel refreshed!

But best of all, I feel sane.

I don’t feel like snapping at my beautiful children. And my back feels great after that long jacuzzi soak.

Today is Monday, and I feel great.

Thanks again Ruth & Louie!


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  1. Meg Dyson says:

    Beautiful article! Thanks! We got out and hiked over the weekend! Something my family LOVES to do! My almost two year old hiked over two miles! My “refresh” button is definitely getting to work out…of any sort =) Again, thanks for this post…I always enjoy your blog!

  2. bringbirthhome says:

    Awe, that sounds like a LOVELY way to hit the refresh button! Thanks for reading.

  3. Stephanie says:

    What a WONDERFUL gift for you! When I read the email about this post, I felt a little panic rising at the thought of my leaving for an overnight trip. I would love to get away, but have major fears about leaving my girlie. How would she cope? How would I EVER relax wondering if she was ok? Reading this post was a huge exhale for me…THANK YOU for reminding me it IS totally possible to recharge, break, get away WITH the family in tow. Reframing even the little extra work as vacation fun is an awesome practice. xo

    • bringbirthhome says:

      I’m so glad that you got that message out of this post Stephanie! Yes, take the kids with you and do something out of the ordinary & fun! Let me know when you do. Wish you the best. Hugs!

  4. Denee says:

    We’ve wanted for so long to go somewhere even just for a day or two (and night or two!) but not sure we’re ready to face the challenges :/
    Autism and trips don’t go together too well :(
    Glad you had fun though!!
    Hubby and I were fortunate enough to go up north to a BEAUTIFUL B&B for two nights when I was 35 weeks preggers.We had an IN ROOM hot tub!
    I was ready to get back home to my boys,but it was SO worth it!

  5. grandma julie says:

    as a babysitting grandma i get to spend part of every day with the 4 gkids while mom and dad are at work. but every other month the gkids come to our house to spend the night so mommy and daddy can have a night alone=sometimes they go out but many times they stay home, alone together, and watch a movie and eat/drink something ‘adult’…our goal in doing this regularly is so that mom and dad can count on the break and enjoy a long and happy marriage <3

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