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6 Comments 11 March 2011

a guest post by Melody

let me make one thing clear. i do not coin the phrase “menopausal teenager” lightly.

but that is what i have felt like this past week. make no mistake…an extremely happy one.

let me just explain what i mean.

i forgot how awkward your body feels after giving birth.

your stomach is significantly smaller, but you feel like you are literally kneading dough when you touch it.

your boobs, while trying to figure out how much milk to produce, reach gigantic proportions so that you feel like some sort of freak show.

your baby making/birthing station feels like the next world war went off…and your insane hormones make you feel like you’re going through puberty all over again.

must not forget the spontaneous instant hot flashes, where you are the only one who seems to realize how insanely burning up the room has suddenly become!

however…i must say…

there are no words to accurately describe how drastically and absolutely and totally head over heels in love you fall when snuggling with your baby.

no words.

i just can’t seem to get my fill in looking at him.

in holding him.

in studying his face and
sweet hands and the whirls
around his ears.

in laughing hysterically at the loud squeaking sounds he makes while nursing (so much for nursing discreetly!) and how incredibly loud he is for such a little guy when he “erupts” (from both ends ;)

i love it when he is in the quite alert phase, and how he studies my face and seems to say “so you’re the one who is taking care of me.”

i love it when he is totally milk drunk and passes out with milk dribbling down his chin and into his chubby neck.

i love kissing the soft warm roll right under his ear.

i love smelling his breath when he sleeps.

i love the feel of his warm new skin.

and i totally want to eat that dimple on his right cheek.

i even love how his poop smells!
(boy have i got it bad.)

i love it that when i am totally sleep deprived, all i want to do is watch him while he sleeps next to me.

i love it that davis loves him so much and wants to hold him and kiss him all the time.

i love it that i love davis this much, and my heart has somehow grown bigger to love my little cæd the same amount.

i love love love my sweet precious sons.

children truly are a heritage from the Lord.

makes all that awkward body stuff totally worth it.


About Melody:
on november 20, 2004 i married my best friend nathan. a few years later and we met our sweet davis james…and a few years after that and we met our little cædmon. the three of them have melted my heart, and now i can never go back to being normal. my heart is completely and forever stolen.

Want more Melody? Visit her blog, Ramblings of a Lovesick Mommy, her previous on BBH: Why I Want a Home Birth & her home water birth story!

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  1. Kimrose says:

    Aaw…my little guy just turned two months old and my “big guy” is 5 1/2…I echo so many things you expressed! It’s such a joy ;)

  2. Fairlight says:

    After having just had a new baby boy in Jan, I can totally relate to this entire post. Excellent recap of my past 8 weeks. :)

  3. Mom of Many says:

    As a mom of 5, one of which is 2 weeks old, I completely and totally relate with this post!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Yes!! This sums it up very well!

  5. Kacie Flegal says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!
    My first baby (a boy), is 4 months, and I feel exactly this way about him!!! I cannot get enough, even when I am feeling worn out… and I thought I was the only one who loves the smell of my baby’s poop!! hahaha!
    Thank you so much for sharing

  6. Amanda S says:

    Omg Mel you describe it all perfectly as I watch my now one week old 3rd baby boy suck on his tiny thumb. I am amazed how I can love him so much and love my other 2 boys that much more!!

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