Maximize Nourishment & Minimize Toxicity for a Healthy Pregnancy

5 Comments 30 June 2010

Growing a baby is a beautiful, sacred and important duty.

is a spiritual experience.

In our womb, our unborn child hears and tastes. It sees and smells.

Everything our children know, they first come to understand through their experience in the womb.

Each and every action a pregnant woman takes – what she eats, the discussions she has, the movies she watches and the air she breaths, all have an impact on her baby. This is why it is so important to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

How the thought to molecule process works:

Each thought is processed by the brain. Our brain then labels that thought or experience with an emotion. Our emotional responses then take the form of chemicals, as  our brain releases a series of hormones.

Each time we feel anything – whether that be from something as simple as biting into a sour lemon or something more dramatic such as having a heated argument, the physical process is the same.

Joyful experiences release endorphins, while stressful situations release stress-related hormones.

These chemicals have the power to either nourish or deplete our body.

These chemicals and hormones are molecules in our bodies. Our feelings translate into the molecules that make our cellular structure. When we are pregnant, those molecules travel through the umbilical cord to our child.

Pretty amazing, huh?

In saying these things I am not trying to imply the need to lead perfectly balanced and peaceful lives. That is not always possible.

Awareness is the key to creating a nurturing environment for yourself and for your baby.

With the knowledge of the great impact our daily lives have on our bodies and our children during pregnancy, the best thing we can do is try to live with purpose, intention and most importantly, awareness.

Here is an exercise to increase your awareness during pregnancy. Practice this exercise once per day or as often as you’d like.

This exercise was taken from the book “Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives,” by Deepak Chopra, David Simon and Vicki Abrams

Sit or lie down, and allow your eyes to close.
Take in slow, deep breaths, bringing awareness to your body.
Look around inside. Feel and envision the space.
Notice the shades, subtle colors and textures within you.

Feel your breath as it moves out of you.
Sense its vibration and begin to listen to its sound.
For the next several breaths, follow the sound.
Let it take you deeper inside yourself.
Feel your heart-beat and the pulsation of life within you.

With each in-breath, allow the tenderness of
your heart to surround your baby.
With each out-breath, create an image of your baby
growing inside your body.

Breath in tenderness; breathe out a clearer vision of your baby.
Own your part in creating this little being.
Breath in joy for the miracle occurring in your body;
as you breathe out, feel your love for this new being developing within you.


What have you done to nourish yourself lately?

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  1. Melissa says:

    I keep sneaking off to talk to the baby-to-be and pay attention to its movements lately. It’s nice to take a few minutes out of the day to just focus on that. :)

  2. Katie says:

    There is another book with lovely, spiritual meditations for pregnant women called Calm Birth. I highly reccomend it.


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