Pregnancy Update #10: First Letter to Baby

1 Comment 17 March 2011

Written in my journal 3/15/2011 – 24 weeks – end of 2nd trimester

Dear Baby,

As I wrote “baby,” you moved inside me. I love to feel you stir.

This is your first letter, but in my mind, I have written you more often.

While I sometimes worry I haven’t dedicated enough of my one-on-one time to you, I realize, simultaneously, that you are always on my mind.

It’s impossible not to think of you.

I wonder what you’ll look like.

Are you a boy or a girl?

I am curious about your entrance into the world – our world as a growing family.

My fears are being replaced by a calm sense of knowing.

You will fit into our lives beautifully.

It won’t always be easy, of that I am aware. But I am ready for the challenges and lessons you will teach me.

Continue to grow and be comfortable in my womb. I am so honored to be your mother.

Goodnight little little one.


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  1. Eric says:

    Ditto from Dad what Mom said.

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