Pregnancy Update #12: Thoughts on Blood Tests, Breech Home Birth & Solo-Parenting

4 Comments 14 April 2011

Yeah, the title of today’s pregnancy update is quite a doozie, but there’s a lot to fit in!

I’m 28 1/2 weeks now, and starting to get much more excited about welcoming this little bundle into our lives.

I’ve begun daydreaming about wearing my baby in our Moby wrap, although it will be hot in Michigan in July. Still, it’s been a long time since I’ve snuggled up close with a newborn. The wrap will just have to be my t-shirt, or I’ll just carry baby around in the crook of my arm. We’ll nap in the hammock looking out over the lake…<dreamy sigh>

Ella has shifted from simply saying “hi,” to the baby to yelling, “COME OUT!” at my belly. “Linda midwife help baby come out!” How awesome. Just a little longer…

My first at-home blood test

I had my first at-home blood test yesterday.

Oh my gosh I and can’t tell you how much better it was than sitting in the hospital watching a nurse fill one vile after the other. No, at home your midwife pricks the tip of your finger with a pin and pinches two (TWO) drops of blood onto test strips. They do their electronic thing and viola! Done. What a breeze!


So the baby is most likely breech right now with it’s back to mine.

No biggie. There is still plenty of time for him/her to move around. My midwife gave me a couple of exercises to try, and suggested a visit to the chiropractor, but other than that not to think about it very much.

Of course, that is easier said than done! Of course I’m going to think about it. I want to know where I stand on the issue.

It didn’t take much thought to realize I’m currently feeling very comfortable with the idea of breech home birth.

Especially the way this baby is right now with it’s butt down and feet off to the right side (no wonder I’ve been getting kicked so much over there!). My midwife has helped birth two breech babies in the past few months and feels confident overall with breech birth at home. I trust her and my body’s ability.

The solo-parenting gig is not for me!

The BBH Dad went on a business trip to Austin, TX last Thursday and arrived home Tuesday night.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit rough to be a (pregnant) solo-mom or 5 1/2 days! Granted it did get easier as the days went on and I did get a good amount of help, his being away taught me I don’t want to do this alone (and how much I love my family!).

Ella and I did have a blast

The weather was great and we took multiple trips to the park where she finally got to put her feet in the sand. I will say she and the d-a-d will need to spend a some one on one time together now that he’s back…she’s been clinging to me like a monkey.

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  1. Soshanna says:

    I love these updates. With regards to breech, hypnosis has a very good success rate with turning breech babies. Something else to think about :-)

  2. candice tinsley-perez says:

    My homebirthed in oct. Baby boy was breech till 36 weeks. My midwife doesn’t perform breech delivery at this point so I was concerned. But thank God he turned. Good luck!!!

  3. Sabrina says:

    It’s such a blessing to have a midwife willing to attend a breech homebirth! I bet it definitely takes away any fear or pressure to get the baby to flip over.

    Unfortunately, my midwife doesn’t attend breech births so I was under the pressure to do anything and everything to get her to flip. And thankfully she did with the help of chiropractic. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!

  4. Jaclyn says:

    Katie – I had regular chiropractic adjustments while I was pregnant and they were very helpful! Great for helping to turn a breech baby and helping with back/hip pain as your body is shifting and changing.

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