Pregnancy Update #15: 37 Weeks = Freak Out, Calm Down & Repeat.

4 Comments 12 June 2011

So, I’ll be 37 weeks this Tuesday and I’m freaking out. Just a little bit.

No, I’m actually okay. And I just had a feeling this post is going to turn into something of a roller-coaster ride. Which is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately!

It recently dawned on me that I’ll be having a baby within a month.

Sometimes that makes me feel very excited – both to meet this little person and not be pregnant anymore. In the next breathe, I am filled with panic and even a bit of sorrow. My life is going to change big time again. I’ll be adjusting to another “new normal.” One where Ella isn’t my sole daily partner in crime. One where we all sleep much less.

And the list goes on.

To alleviate tension and enjoy these last few weeks, I’ve done two things: made a big ass before baby to-do list and made an over the top effort to do as much fun stuff with Ella as possible.

Beating anxiety with productivity and play.

Having fun is a great stress reliever!

About a week ago, I was made aware and became a fan of Play at Home Mom. Checking out the awesome activities the three ladies who run the page do with their kiddos inspired me to take action. I followed their advice and began interacting/playing with Ella more rather than asking her to entertain herself.

Some of the things we’ve done together in the past week:

  • made colored sand with food coloring in a big Tupperware bin.
  • ordered waterbeads. So awesome!
  • mixed ice and salt to hear the crackling effect and “cooked” it in several different bowls with food coloring.
  • added together baking soda, vinegar and watercolors. The reaction was big colorful bubbles.
  • took more trips to the museum than normal. They change up the play area every month or so and we hadn’t been there in a while. It was great watching Ella discover new things.
  • today I built her a cardboard house. We had a lot of leftover boxes from moving and I had always wanted on when I was a little girl. It turned out so. freaking. awesome.  (will post pics soon)

Crossing things off the to-do list is calming.

Today, we crossed off a good few big items from the to-do list. Man did that feel good! It puts my mind at ease knowing we have one less thing to worry about. Make that three or four. It was a productive day.

We purchased a new, bigger mattress in order to continue bedsharing. I’m planning on setting up our co-sleeper next to it as well, but overall just super excited that we can continue this lifestyle that we so value.

Ready to soak up positive birthing vibes.

Tomorrow evening, my doula, midwife and closest friends are throwing me a Mother Blessing. I couldn’t be more excited. There is nothing like surrounding myself with birthy talk and energy. I am simultaneously lit on fire (inspired) and soothed by their positive attitudes. Can’t wait!

Again, I must thank you for reading my blog and joining me on this journey.

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback, encouragement and even gifts in the mail from the wonderful supporters and fans of Bring Birth Home. I can’t thank you enough. Your love has helped me feel so supported through this pregnancy.

And now, photo time!

Ella with ice, salt & colored sand.

Swinging- a daily activity.

Pretend food at the museum.

Ella meets a turtle! Then we carried it to the lake.

Making granola bars together!

Beautiful Nest Necklace from Melody/Ramblings of a Lovesick Mommy

A beautiful Mother Blessing bead from online friend Jamie!

Photos of my Mother Blessing will be posted early this coming week. And also stay tuned for updates on my July maternity leave and the biggest, bestest BBH giveaway yet! Peace!


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  1. sarah says:

    I am about to enter this phase of my pregnancy. Would you mind sharing your to do list with me. I would love to get some help with my to do list :) I have two little ones girl age 5 and boy age 2, so i def plan on having lots of fun with them in the next wks.

  2. Sheila Pai says:

    Kaitlin, I wish you all the best on your joyful mother blessing day. When you’re on a downswing remember that you are the mother goddess embodied with strength and wisdom beyond what you can know. You are loved and cherished from near and far, and I hope you feel all of us behind you all the way!

    Know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you and your whole family (including the new addition) well and continuing to feel inspired by you. I’m only 10 wks and feeling the up and down you are describing. (I’ve even already had the “oh no, the baby is in there and it has to come out–there’s no way out of this” feeling.) I am grateful you are and have been showing me an example of a positive and productive way to be.

  3. melody says:

    you are such a FABULOUS mama!!! kaitlin you are SO going to love it. i seriously cannot believe this time last year i was in your shoes! super pregnant with a toddler…thinking of crafts and outdoorsy things to do in the summer heat…and i was freaking out a little bit because i was legitimately concerned that i wouldn’t “love” my 2nd as much as i did my first! haha!!! now i feel so silly saying it :) and i know you’ve heard it from countless others…but it’s such a miracle to have your heart grow to love your 2nd…and to watch your firstborn become the big sister/brother they were born to be. i know you are going to love it. and i’m so glad that you have such a HUGE community of women cheering you on this time and that you don’t have to “hide” your home birth :) you ROCK little mama!!! cheering you on from the east coast… <3

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