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Pregnancy Update #6: Enjoying Mommy & Ella Time

3 Comments 17 January 2011

I take Ella to the local museum every Friday morning.

Museum Fridays are a great way for my daughter and I to bond (not that we have any shortage in bonding time – I am a stay at home mom).

But I have become increasingly aware of the small window of time that exists before the new baby arrives that is just Ella and I time. I want to treasure every moment, and it turns out other moms feel/have felt the same way.

For two years, Ella has been my companion everywhere I go.

I’ve taken her with me to the grocery store, to the post office, to visit friends, you name it.

As a new mom, it took some time to adjust to carrying around this little person with me. Now running errands without her feels strange…lonely!

This July, Ella will become a big sister.

It will no longer be just Ella and I.

We’ll be toting around a brand new baby on our excursions.

While I’m so exciting for the baby to arrive, I can already sense the mourning period I will experience missing my first child and I’s time together alone. We’ll have to go on dates!

So I’ve organized museum Fridays.

Each Friday is marked on the calendar. I’ve made it part of our routine and invited mom friends along too!

Here are some more photos of our most recent adventure at the museum.

Ella dancing with ribbons

Ella driving the bus & honking the horn

There will be more mommy & Ella updates during my pregnancy, from La Leche League meetings, hanging out with friends and more Fridays at the museum.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Shelly Allen says:

    Kudos to YOU Kaitlin for recognizing this time for you and Ella!

    And I say this because…

    Unfortunately I did not!

    I had my first son and then WHAM…

    9 months later I was pregos again with my second!

    At the time I worked and wasn’t able to really CHERISH the time with my first son…

    But I can tell you, after my second was born…

    I QUIT my J.O.B. of 10 years to stay home and raise them!

  2. Kate Nolan says:

    So sweet! Parenting two will be a joy, I promise you. My two daughters are 2 years apart and are best friends to this day. Now I am watching my older daughter parenting her two…and it is a joy. Not always easy…but a joy.


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