Pregnancy Update #8: 21 Weeks Down, 19 More To Go

2 Comments 22 February 2011

*today’s title of the blog is “21 weeks down, 19 more to go.” However, I don’t subscribe to the due date B.S., so just know the numbers 21 & 19 are pure guestimates!

It’s hard to believe I’m 21 weeks pregnant already.

Ella Rose is officially a “grown-up” after
her 2nd birthday on February 4th. I swear she started acting older the next day.

OtherĀ  significant changes include…

Ella is starting to sleep even better at night, going back down simply when I lay next to her rather than needing to nurse. That’s actually a pretty big one.

Another milestone for Ella: she is going to the bathroom on her potty all the time! She had been peeing on the potty for the past few weeks and last week made the decision to poop on her potty. I’m so glad to have a (brief) break in washing diapers.

Changes in me:

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to screaming hips. Seriously on fire. And that’s with a pillow between my legs. I don’t imagine this getting too much better, but I’ll deal.

I’ve been walking more and received my first pregnancy massage for Valentines Day. Both helped tremendously. But I’ll tell you one thing – I feel huge! It’s hard to imagine sharing the bed at double this size! As both Ella and I get bigger, our bed gets much smaller.

Converting to vegetarianism has gone so well I don’t wonder why I didn’t make the leap sooner.

I have more energy than before, (which could also be contributed to the 2nd trimester) and have been thoroughly enjoying whipping up new and simple meals.

As a matter of fact, what I was doing was so intriguing, my fiance even jumped on board! He’s not claiming full veggie status but consumes at least 80 veg/20 meat. Check out the recipe to this yummy soup I’ve been making a lot of, (easy & quick to cook in big batches!) Lentil Veggie Soup.

Be well! Love, Kaitlin

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  1. KHPhotos says:

    Congrats mama! :) I’m sure you’re absolutely beautiful! How is being pregnant and having a 2 year old going for you? Mine just turned a year and we’re talking about when to have the 2nd…

    • bringbirthhome says:

      Thanks Katie! Being pregnant with a two year old has it’s challenges, but it is also full of little joys. Ella loves saying hi to the baby and kissing my belly button on a daily basis. It is tiring though. I often shudder to think of what a zombie I’ll be for the first few months of our new baby’s life! Thanks for your comment :)

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