Pregnancy Update: Living for Three = One Tired Mommy

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Sleep When Baby Sleeps

It seemed as soon as I discovered I was expecting, Ella began nursing during the night much more frequently. What that looks like: switching back and forth from one breast to the next, tossing and turning, kicking off covers, whining, moaning and slapping me in the face with her flailing arms.

Right off the bat I began getting less sleep.

I would stare at the ceiling while Ella nursed until I had nothing left to give her. Still she sucked, all the while pinching my opposite nipple – a bad habit I will be sure to nip with the next one.

I’ve dealt with lack of sleep before. During pregnancy and over the past almost two years of Ella’s life, I haven’t slept an entire night through. In many ways, I’ve adjusted to less sleep. Or at least, I had adjusted.

But this is a whole new ball game.

Being tired from lack of sleep has now combined with the toll it takes on a human body to grow another human body inside itself at a rate of 10,000 cells per day.

In short, I’m living for 3 people (make that four if you count my fiance!).

Eat a Lot of Small Meals & Drink Plenty of Water

That sounds really nice, and really easy, in theory! It is not always that easy.

I am a stay at home mom with a 22 month old daughter.

My fiance works from home, in an office just a few steps away from the living room. Really, I have it pretty darn easy. Eric eats breakfast with us every morning, goes to work between 8-9 and pokes his head out a few times between then and lunch (which we also eat together).

However, this doesn’t mean the dishes get done (no dishwasher) or I can get lunch made before hunger strikes.

And if I don’t eat before hunger strikes – and strikes is a perfect word to describe what happens – LOOK OUT.

Simply put, if I don’t eat, I am a mess. A nauseous, “all systems failing” type of mess. I go from happy mom to monster mom in 30 seconds. Not a pretty sight.

I’ve learned a thing or two since my first experiences with this kind of suffering. The cupboards and fridge are now (usually) stocked with dates, crackers, goldfish, ginger tea, bread and yogurt.

Well, that’s all folks. My time here has reached it’s limit. Time to go pick up Ella Rose from Grandma’s house (thank gawd for Grandma this morning!).

I’d love to hear from you. How did you handle bouts of nausea and lack of sleep mothering while pregnant?

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  1. Ana W says:

    My oldest was 5 months old when I found out I was pregnant again and I know its different than having a toddler who runs around but I found it really helpful at night to take snack sized bags and puts a few snacks together to leave close by and in the diaper bag for the next day! Also towards the end when she started walking at ten months and I was tired from chasing after her all day I would literally fall asleep putting her down for the night instead of putting her down and going back downstairs to clean up. =) Its just one of those seasons that you need to do this for sanity’s sake! God bless your family and growing bump! ;)

  2. Christy says:

    I chose to wean my 19 month old son when I found out I was pregnant. It hurt SOOO bad I would nearly cry every time he nursed & if I dared to pop him off before HE thought he was done, he bit me & refused to let go. It took several weeks & we went gently. I told my mom I just feel like there are two camps of people. The ones who think I’m a quack for not weaning him 7 months ago & the ones who want to shame me for not nursing him until he’s at least 3. :P It’s been two weeks & he sometimes asks for it, but for the most part, he’s done great. I wasn’t able to do any dairy or beans with him the entire time, so I was really having a hard time getting enough protein for my pregnancy when I can’t look at meat right now. lol!

  3. kay says:

    i honestly dont know how i managed it! i have 20 months between my eldest 2 who are now 4 and 3 years old. i do know i used to be asleep by 7:30pm each evening and i used to take a nap with my son in the mornings at the begining of the pregnancy. i got my positive test the day after his 1st birthday so he still napped.
    when i was pregnant with my 3rd i didnt get to nap as i had a 3year old and almost 2 year old, but once the younger of the two turned two years old he went to preschool with his brother (which he wanted to do, he would cry daily to stay) so i got a break in the mornings. but that wasnt until the end of the pregnancy

  4. Sarah says:

    Katie! You are living my life. :) Although it does get better after the first trimester… mostly. I ended up losing 6-8 pounds while growing Sophia and nursing Emma. Once I stopped producing milk, nighttimes got worse, but the weight loss leveled out. I’m actually gaining now. And Emma’s used to not nursing at night after months of no supply, although she’s addicted to her nightly bottles of organic whole milk. (I think she went through three 8-oz bottles last night.) Anyway, I completely understand what you’re going through. I’ve gotten better about keeping Monster Mom at bay, and know that you will too. :)

  5. Cassandra says:

    Don’t forget progesterone makes you tired. You’ll be tired even if you do get enough sleep, even if you aren’t running around with a toddler. Yay hormones!

  6. Tina says:

    Do what I did; Treat yourself to a hot bath/shower. Indulge a little in me time or your favorite snack! Congrats, and good luck managing the nausea!

  7. Holly says:

    I’m due on Wednesday…

    My son is 4 and my daughter is 21 months. My husband is deployed and will be gone for another 5 months…

    Sanity is not something we have a lot of around here. :)

  8. Sarah says:

    Nipple twisting!!! All three of my kids have done this. Nothing drives me battier! If you figure out a way to prevent the new baby from forming this habit, clue me in! Lol

  9. MamaRosie says:

    I nursed to about 5 months in my second and third pregnancies, then decided to night wean as it was taking too much of a toll on my sleep and energy and I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. The night weaning led to full weaning pretty quickly. I think they were ready (or ready enough) and I know I was. I had been feeling that it was going to be fine for me to tandem nurse, but the reality for me was that it did not feel right. My nurslings were 2y6m and 22m at weaning.
    For the exhaustion I found that for my second pregnancy it helped a lot to follow that sage old advice, “Sleep when the baby (toddler) sleeps.” I napped each afternoon with my toddler during my second pregnancy. I was not able to do that with my third as I had a preschooler, a toddler and a pregnancy to balance. I survived though, and you will too!
    Adjust your standards about house tidiness, your main job is growing a healthy baby and healthy toddler. For me food preparation was the most important task (since I was *hungry* all the time) and housekeeping fell behind. Ask for help. Husband, girlfriends and family often want to help, but either don’t see that help is needed (because we are good at putting on a brave face) or don’t know what to do to be helpful. Be specific. “I am having a hard time and I could really use some help. Could you come over and do x,y, or z? Or pick up some things at the store for me? Or take my toddler for a couple hours so I could *really* sleep?” I unexpectedly found that my brother was an awesome one for calling to see if I needed anything from the store. Once he knew how helpful it was, he did it frequently.
    I had pretty terrible nausea from about 5-15 weeks with all three pregnancies. I found that adding some fats to my carbs helped me last better between snacks. For example, my favorite tended to be whole grain toast and peanut butter. In the last trimester I would wake in the night, so hungry, and eat a slice of toast with pb and a small glass of milk. Very satisfying, and I got fiber, protein, carbs and liquid all in one snack.
    Good Luck!
    p.s. My daughter is Eleanor Rose!

    • bringbirthhome says:

      @MamaRosie! Your comment was so awesome, it was like a blog post all by itself. Thank you so much!

      @Holly – Wow. Do I really have the right to complain? My heart goes out to you!

  10. Nicole says:

    I’m right there with you… 14 weeks and nursing a co-sleeping 13 month old. I don’t know if it’s because the milk changes or supply goes down, but our son started nursing non stop at night too! We decided that rest was crucial to making a new little one and decided to try to make the transition to his own bed to stop the night nursing and it went beautifully! Totally with you on the nausea if hungry too – I find cuties (the mini oranges) work wonderfully. Just that little bit of citrus kick helps tide me over till I’m done making a real meal! Best of luck to you – love reading about your journey!

  11. Hey, lady!! I didn’t know you guys were expecting again. I am so happy for your both. I am not pregnant, but I, too, recall the total lack of sleep. I just told a friend last week to get ready for loss of sleep time. Forever. I adjusted, I guess. I stay sleep deprived, and that is one of the “joys” of motherhood.

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope that you find a way to adjust to this time. I thought you were pregnant with twins when I read the title. lol Tell Eric I asked if he knows how babies get made? ;) Congrats, again. I can’t wait to read more of your pregnancy journey, Kaitlin!!

  12. charlene says:

    Hi Everyone, I have had 6 homebirths, My first one when i was just 16 and a half.

    my latest in the year 2009.
    My babies were from 7lb up to 7lb 13 and a half.

    I am strongly for home births, not only do you feel more relaxed in your own enviroment you get to walk and move freely around.

    You have your own midwives and can stay in control.

    You also can have whoever you want there and its great if you already have children.
    I had no pain relief throughout any of my births, You can have gas and air if you choose.

    I have just written my own book called millennimum A decade of pregnancy and home births which is available to buy on Amazon. And in Kindle edition)

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    And tells of all my home births with a letter from my midwife.

    There is also chapters on healthy eating, the young mum, how not to have a frumpy pregnancy ect ect
    It is very different to other books as mine is written from one mum to another, and is easy to understand not full of long words that we dont understand.

    Its for parents to make there own choices of how they would like to do things as i believe everyone should get choices and do what they feel is best.

    You may have seen me in the media i have been in numerous magazines and newspapers.

    Whether you look at my book and purchase it or even if you dont.

    Good luck to everyone and i wish you all the luck and happiness with your new bundle of joy

    Charlene x


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