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3 Comments 25 February 2012

About two months ago, I closed the Bring Birth Home Facebook page to comments (meaning, only BBH could post on the wall).

I was a step away from closing the page down all together. 

Not because the BBH FB page isn’t a wonderful thing – it’s a great community…I just needed a break. A big, fat break from all of it.

See, I took an internet break over the holidays, and a realization hit me hard: I was spending way too much time online.

Clothes hadn’t been washed (or they had been washed and sat on the couch unfolded). Dishes piled up. My toddler kept asking me, “what I do now, Mama?”

And all of this happened because I was babysitting my computer, specifically, the BBH Facebook page and email inbox.

Any time a new notification or personal question came in, I pounced into action, aiming to provide the best possible answer in the least amount of time.

See, before I became a stay at home mom, I used to be one heck of an employee. I am to please my customers. And that’s how I consider the women and families who come to me for advice, support and the like. I want to provide excellent  customer service.

With a fan page of over 8,000, I alone couldn’t be everything to everyone.

And since I’m an all-or-nothin’ kind of gal, I shut ‘er down and backed away. Cold turkey.

Many of the BBH mamas were upset, and now in hindsight I can see, they were right to feel that way.

I have very often broadcast to the community that I operate Bring Birth Home for them (you).

However, pulling the plug to the wall, aka: leaving all of my devoted fans and friends to look elsewhere for answers and advice, was harsh.

You “liked” Bring Birth Home because the page meant something to you.

Not only did you get your questions answered, you shared your wisdom, photos, videos and informative links.

I needed a break. That doesn’t mean YOU needed a break!

That has been my biggest revelation in stepping back. I couldn’t have realized this if I hadn’t done so.

I’ve learned a few other things too:

1. I cannot be my best without rest – for you or for my children! I simply cannot be everything to everyone. That’s unrealistic. I’m prioritizing my energy and time while continuing to support families who are considering home birth.

2. The BBH FB community supports itself with little effort on my behalf. Look how they are there for each other. It’s so awesome!

3. There are so many other things to focus my time on when it comes to serving home birth families. During my FB break, I started Bring Birth Home TV, and I’m currently working on two eBooks, aimed at helping families prepare for birthing at home.

4. Kids first, passion (via computer)
second. No more computer at thekitchen table.  I turned in a spare room into an office and only sign on when the kids are sleeping.

5. Take time for other creative outlets (like drawing or playing music).

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post. I hope you’re glad the wall is back open.

p.s. I am now accepting moderators! Email KaitlinRose@BringBirthHome.com, subject line: BBH FB Moderator.

p.s.s. to those of you who subscribed to email updates – you’re still going to get special offers and the first to know intimate details that will not always be shared publicity.


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  1. jjulie michel says:

    good job momma. be flexible and make it work for you and your family. and thanks for thinking of us, i mean them…those that still want to birthe at home! your friend, grandma julie

  2. Denee says:

    I totally get you!
    I also have a problem balancing things,so there are times I say “bye facebook page,my family (and my laundry!) need me”

  3. Kali Bird Isis says:

    Excellent! The issue is always, even now with my teens, to put kids first. It’s why we had them, right? And i support you in re-visioning the way you provide this wonderful service.
    Good job, Super-mama!

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